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Telematics for Transport


(218 MECU)

Europeans spend over 500 billion ECU on transport annually. Economic losses through traffic delays and accidents are already estimated at 150 billion ECU annually. New solutions are needed to reduce the high levels of accidents, congestion and pollution caused by today's ever increasing traffic volumes.

The Transport sector is developing telematics applications appropriate for all transport modes and their interconnections: road, air, rail and waterborne. This multi-modal approach is vital as it encourages the development of integrated transport services and promotes public-private partnerships.

The new applications will improve traveller support services, thus allowing citizens to make a better choice for their daily trips. They will also improve freight operation - an area where the expected benefits on efficiency and environment are inestimable. Tangible improvements are expected on indicators such as quality of service, travel times, number of accidents, regularity of public transport, pollution.

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