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15 November 1999

Library and Information 
Systems Technology

This seminar will take place in London on 6 December 1999. Designed as an executive briefing for organisations interested in digitising cultural materials, the seminar will cover the following key issues: image capture, costs, IPR, project resourcing, and project management. Places are limited to encourage all attendees to participate in a discussion with experts. Visit the site at

For more information on the Electronic Publishing sector, visit El. Pub at


New Report:
Developing Industrial Competences through Virtual Environments

This report, published by the DISCOVER project is now viewable online here. Funded by the EU's ESPRIT Programme, the report covers all aspects of the new training tool developed by the project. Virtual training techniques developed by DISCOVER are chiefly of relevance to the transport logistics, maritime and oil & gas exploration and production sectors. However, the tool will be customisable, and could be used to train a wide range of staff in various industries. For more information on the DISCOVER project, go to their Website at: 
or e-mail the project co-ordinator


How to Create Interactive Websites

Need to improve your Web design? A Netskills Workshop has been scheduled  for 14 December 1999 at Oxford University Computer Services. The training day is suitable for researchers, academics from any discipline, university administrators, librarians and computer service staff. The main techniques covered are methods to increase interactivity on websites, using CGI, Java and JavaScript among others. They can then be used for teaching, learning, marketing and general information provision. 

Presentations and demonstrations will take place as part of the workshop, with hands-on sessions and opportunities for discussion included as part of the day. Each participant will also receive a workbook containing the day's exercises, presentation slides and any other relevant information.  

Visit the Netskills website for more information about the workshop at

Dutch Schools Get Wired

"Kennisnet" will be a national electronic network linking all schools and colleges in The Netherlands. Mr. Hermans, the Dutch minister of Education, has just signed and sealed an agreement to put Kennisnet in place. Pupils and teachers will each have their own e-mail address and Internet access. Parents will be able to access the network too. It is anticipated that schools will communicate with other educational institutions across the globe, whether they are other schools, libraries and museums, or commercial content providers.

For more information, go to the European Schoolnet's article at


Find out about the European Multimedia Task Force

The European Multimedia Task Force's latest brochure has just been released. This publication reviews the activities of the EMTF, which is also involved in the use of ICT for education and training. You can order your copy by e-mailing



PROMETEUS is a European Commission supported partnership initiative which is geared to PROmoting Multimedia access to Education and Training in EUropean Society. Launched in March, PROMETEUS hopes to stimulate Europe to simultaneously address the need for multicultural, multilingual learning solutions, powerful new learning environments with innovative instructional approaches, affordable solutions and platforms based on open standards and best practices, and publicly accessible and interoperable knowledge repositories.

As part of the ongoing programme, PROMETEUS is organising a working weekend on 20-21 November 1999. The event will be held in Helsinki, Finland, to prepare for the IST 99 conference (see last week's news). A copy of the weekend's programme is available at, and you can register online at

Visit the I*M Europe Newsdesk for a wide range of news articles on technological research and development in Europe.

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Online Schools Network

The European Network of Innovative Schools (ENIS) brings together European schools which are at the cutting edge of ICT use in teaching and learning. Run by the European Schoolnet, the project has just relaunched its website to showcase the schools and their activities. The site also aims to encourage co-operation, and will feature conferences and online workshops. Other initiatives throughout the world are encouraged to link to the ENIS site at:


Call for Book Chapters

Could you contribute to the forthcoming
book "Design and Management of Multimedia Information Systems: Opportunities and Challenges"? The editor, Syed M. Rahman of North Dakota State University, is looking for chapters to be included in this publication. The book aims to compile cutting edge research, design, development, implementation and management experiences, whether stand-alone or in a distributed environment. It is hoped that the book will facilitate exchange of information and ideas between academia, industry, faculty, practitioners and students. It will also be useful as a text book for courses dealing with multimedia systems.  

Authors of chapters can come from any background, whether professionals, researchers or the business community. Expressions of interest must be received by 15 December 1999. Further information for authors can be found at either


You can send e-mail enquiries to or


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