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Education and training research activities in the 5th Framework Programme.

This page provides relevant information about EC research activities concerning technology assisted learning in the 5th Framework Programme and has been established to support the launching of new EC supported RTD activities in the field. The information will be kept up to date as further details emerge.


First IST programme Call

The first call for proposals for the IST programme was published on March 19th 1999.

For official IST programme information


Technologies for Knowledge and Skills Aquisition - Proposal for a Research Agenda

This document provides the results of an exercise carried out during 1997 to suggest a research agenda for future RTD activities related to this topic.

Midterm Report for Telematics for Education and Training

This document provides an overview of current projects and future strategies.


Future Workareas

IST programme - Key Action III, education and training

This presentation provides an outline of the future strategy for EC research related to technology assisted learning which will be implemented through the IST programme Key Action III, education and training.

Overview of current activities and achievements

Presentation on the achievements under the Fourth Framework Programme


Discussion groups on 1999 action lines

These open discussion forums have been established for interested parties who want to explore project ideas relating to the issues covered by the action lines.

Action Line: Open Platforms and Tools for personalised learning

Action Line: Flexible University

Action Line: Advanced Training Systems

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