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DE 3001 ACTION Assisting Carers using Telematics Interventions to meet Older persons Needs
DE 3201 ARIADNE Access, Information and Navigation Support in the Labyrinth of Large Buildings
DE 3202 BARRIER Development of a multimedia Database Providing Information on the Accessibility in Public Buildings for People with Handicaps to their Mobility
DE 3204 CREST Clinical Rehabilitation using Electrical Stimulation via Telematics
DE 3207 DAILY Make Daily Life Easier
DE 3002 EASYTEX Aesthetical, adjustable, serviceable and mainstay textiles for disabled and elderly
DE 3401 EATS Efficiency of Assistive Technology and Services
DE 3206 ENABLE Enabler for Access to computer-Based vocational tasks with Language and speech - Project
DE 3402 EUSTAT Empowering Users Through Assistive Technology
DE 3207 FACILE Support tools for housing design and management, integrated with telematics systems and services
DE 3208 HATS hands assesment and treatment system
DE 3003 HOME home applications optimum multimedia/multimodal system for environment control
DE 3209 HOMEBRAIN design for all
DE 3004 ISAEUS Speech training for Deaf and Hearing-Impaired People
DE 3005 LISCOM Listening Comfort System for Hearing-Instruments and Telephones
DE 3006 MORE Mobile Rescue Phone
DE 3007 MOSAIC-HS Modular System for Apllication Integration and Clustering in Home System
DE 3008 MULTIPLE Multimedia education and training system
DE 3210 PAM-AID personal adaptive mobility aid for the frail and elderly visually impaired
DE 3211 PCAD Portable Communication Assistant for People with Acquired Dysphasia
DE 3212 PLAY hw/sw for: Storage of various Music Input, Conversion of different Braille Syntax into Sound, Graphics, Braille Output and telematic Access.
DE 3009 PRINT Non-impact Printer and Plotter for Braille/Moon Characters and Tactile Graphics
DE 3010 RISE Caring for the elderly in the Information Society Era
DE 3011 SAFE 21 Social Alarms for Europe in the 21st Century
DE 3213 SERVICE 2000
DE 3012 SPACE Signal Processing for Auditory Communication in noisy Environments
DE 3214 TASC Telematics Applications Supporting Cognition
DE 3215 TOSAFES Treatment of Obstructive Sleep Apnea With Functional Electrical Stimulation
DE 3013 TRANSWHEEL Transportation wheelchair with high impact safety and advanced sensor comfortability for people with mobility problems
DE 3216 TREMOR development and validation of new assisitive devices for the treatment of disability caused by tremor
DE 3014 VISTEL Visual Impaired Screen Based Telephony
DE 4001 SEDODEL Secure Document Delivery for blind and partially sighted people
DE 4002 SENIOR ONLINE Use of networks for reducing the isolation of elderly people and people with mobility impairments 
DE 4003 SWIFT USer Oriented and Workflow Integrated FederaTion of service providers for the elderly 
DE 4004 CUSTODIAN Conceptualisation for User involvement in Specification and Tools Offering the efficient Delivery of system Integration Around home Networks 
DE 4101 IMPACT Increasing the IMPACT of assistive technology 
DE 4102 NJORD-TIDE Methods for User Sensitive Evaluations of Domotic Environments 
DE 4103 TELEMATE Telematic Multidisciplinary Assistive Technology Education
DE 4104 VOICE giving a VOICE to the deaf, by developing awareness of VOICE to text recognition capabilities (ACCOMPANYING MEASURE)
DE 4105 WAI Web Accessibility Initiative 
DE 4106 ASTRID A Socio-Technical response to the Needs of Individuals with Dementia and their Carers 
DE 4201 ALDICT Access of Persons with Learning Disabilities to Information and Communication Technologies 
DE 4202 DISCUS Distance Information, Support and Communication for European Carers 
DE 4203 DRAMA Developments for Rehabilitation of the Arm - A Multimedia Approach 
DE 4204 ICAN Integrated Communication and control for All Needs  
DE 4205 MANUS Modular Anthropomorphous User-adaptable Hand Prosthesis with Enhanced Mobility and Force Feedback 
DE 4206 MOBIL Intelligent Mobility and Transportation Aid for Elderly People with Combined Motor and Mental Impairment 
DE 4207 REACT Real-time communication termina
DE 4208 RESORT Remote Service of Rehabilitation Technology
DE 4209 SIGNING BOOKS Signing Books for the Deaf
DE 4210 TOMPAW A Totally Modular Prosthetic Arm with high Workability 
DE 4211 VISIOBOARD Gaze control system to provide services and applications to severely handicapped citizens 
DE 4302 NATASHA Network and Tools for the Assessment of Speech/Language and Hearing Ability 
SU 1109 INCLUDE Inclusion of Disabled and Elderly in Telematics
DE SU 9231 FORTUNE Forum of user - Organisations Training for Usability and Networking in Europe 

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