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I*M-EUROPE offers comprehensive information on EU programmes and activities of DG XIII related to the information market und multimedia content industries, in addition to relevant background information. 

 Trans-European Telecommunications Network (Ten-Telecom) 
 Multilingual Information Society (MLIS) 
 Telematics Applications Programme
specifically, Information Engineering
Language Engineering (ENFRDE) and 
Telematics for Libraries (ENFRDE)

 The INFO2000 and the IMPACT Programmes
 The Fourth Framework Programme Document Library

DGXIII activity areas

 Geographic Information (GI) 
 Task Force Multimedia Educational Software 
 Open Information Interchange (OII) 
 Information Market Observatory (IMO) 
 Legal Advisory Board (LAB) 
 The Internet: Promoting best use, preventing misuse 
 The Quality of information products and services 
 "New Approach" Standard Directives 
 The Information Society Project Office (ISPO) 
 The Community R&D Information Service (CORDIS) web site

Background documentation

 European Commission 
 Economic and Social Committee 

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