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Joint Research Center:
Invitation to tender for the provision of measures, encouraging the interoperability of geographical information systems (GIS) in Europe 

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3 - 5 November 
COMPSEC International 1999 
London, UK
Last three days
24.03.00 IST Programme Multimedia Contents and Tools Information Day, Luxembourg, 28 March 2000

24.03.00 Falling prices for interconnection of fixed telecommunications networks in Europe

24.03.00 Commission clears acquisition by CLT-UFA of News stake in the German TV channel VOX

23.03.00 Speech by Commissioner Erkki Liikanen: TEN-Telecom and the eEurope Initiative

23.03.00 European Telecoms 2000 provides forum for high-level discussion

23.03.00 Commission authorises the participation of BSkyB in KirchPayTV

22.03.00 Commissioner welcomes support of telecoms unions and operators for Lisbon Summit

22.03.00 RIAO 2000 - Content-based Multimedia Information Access, Paris, France, 12-14 April

22.03.00 SIMAP: Transforming European procurement for the Information Age

Competition policy: 
Commission opens full investigation into the Microsoft/Liberty Media/Telewest concentration
The European Commission has opened a full investigation into the proposed acquisition of joint control by Microsoft Corporation with Liberty Media Corporation over Telewest Communications plc. The Commission will make a detailed assessment of the impact of the transaction on competition conditions in various areas of the digital cable industry. In particular, the focus area will be the provision of software for digital set-top boxes in the UK and its impact for the choice of the British cable subscribers. A final decision by the Commission is expected by early August. Telewest is a UK broadband cable company. It provides a wide range of services to businesses and consumers, including digital television, telephony and high speed Internet access. In the context of the investigation, Microsoft is a supplier of software and technical services to broadband cable companies and is also engaged in investments in many cable companies in different countries. Liberty, a wholly owned subsidiary of AT&T, is an international media, entertainment and communication company with interests in several Member States as well as in the USA.


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Event announcement and Call for papers: 
LREC 2000 Satellite Workshop: "Using Evaluation within HLT Programmes: Results and Trends"
Organised jointly by the IST/HLT-CLASS project, the ELSNET Network and ELRA, the European Language Resource Association, the above event will be held in Athens, Greece, on 30 May 2000 in conjunction with the LREC Conference. The theme of the workshop is "what exists, how it's used and what is needed in terms of Evaluation" within Human Language Technology (HLT) programmes, such as the European IST-HLT programme, the US HLT or TIDES programmes or those organised by NIST, their Japanese counterparts, or other national programmes. Both the evaluation of technologies (systems and components) and the evaluation of applications (user-oriented/usage evaluation) will be addressed across various areas of HLT processing encompassing, but not restricted to, written and spoken language processing. The workshop concerns programmes, national and transnational, as well as projects where evaluation is used to compare technologies and approaches, or to measure progress. Participants and organisers of past or present evaluation programmes around the world are encouraged to attend, as well as institutions or companies using or including evaluation in their R&D activities. The organisers are inviting submissions of abstracts of papers for presentation by the extended deadline of 29 March.


Call for papers

LREC 2000 Web

Information Society Trends Issue 97: 
Keep up-to-date with Information Society trends and developments worldwide
Issue 97 of IS Trends, published by the Information Society Promotion Office (ISPO), is available on the ISPO Web site and, like future issues, can be subscribed to electronically. The opening editorial reports that Internet developments are rapidly gaining momentum in Europe, the key news items in this issue being Reuters all-out Web investments, the creation by VersaTel and Northpoint of a pan-Europe DSL joint venture, and a Nokia-Visa agreement to develop WAP-based secure Internet payments. Other key market developments include the Vodafone-Mannesmann merger and France Télécom's purchase of Global One. The content of IS Trends covers infrastructure; Internet, multimedia and e-commerce; markets and companies; and legislation, policies and competition. In addition to Europe, the news items feature trends and developments in North America, Asia and Pacific, and the Middle East and Africa.


IS Trends No. 97

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