The European Commission understands the need to celebrate and sustain cultural diversity, and recognises the importance of promoting harmony through mutual understanding of languages, custom and history.

Europe's cultural heritage institutions have a vital role to play in this, and can be assisted by the information society, which has the potential to dissolve barriers of geography, language and access. Approaches at member-state level vary, from centralised dirigisme to devolved laissez-faire, and the resources and commitment available to cultural heritage organisations wanting to go on-line are equally patchy.

The European Commission has been active for some years across many of their funding programmes, especially in supporting technology and demonstration projects in the field of cultural heritage. There are also programmes concerned with culture itself and with education, training and tourism.

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Now you can book a meeting at Milia in Cannes, France with Bernard Smith or Claude Poliart from the European Commission. Go to the On-line Form to book your time.

Bernard Smith is available to provide information on the developments of European Commission's 5th Research and Development Framework Programme.

Claude Poliart will be able to discuss problems regarding the Cultural Heritage projects supported within the INFO2000 programme and also new topics regading the Museum content and the 5th Framework Programme.


Interested in finding out about the projects that will be presented at Milia?

The 9 projects are divided between INFO2000 and ESPRIT.

Click here to find out.


The Trading Cultural Assets booth will be located on the 4th floor. For information on how to get to Milia visit their Web Site.



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