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Luxembourg, 17th - 19th November 1999

Consolidating the European Library Space, a Telematics for Libraries concertation meeting, took place in Luxembourg from 17th-19th November 1999. Although the weather outside was wintery, the atmosphere inside was warm as over 120 participants and speakers from all over Europe got together for the three day conference in the thermal resort of Mondorf-les-Bains, south of Luxembourg city. Fifteen FP4 projects took the opportunity to demonstrate their project results and eighty participants attended the conference dinner at the Casino2000.

As the Telematics for Libraries programme draws to a close and libraries become an integrated part of the IST Programme under the 5th Framework Programme, the aim was to mark the transition by reviewing the achievements of the Telematics for Libraries programme, by evaluating results and by looking at new alliances and key issues facing the European information society in the new millennium.

There were keynote speeches on the achievements of the Telematics for Libraries Programme, new media literacy in the Information Society, the converging worlds of libraries, archives and museums, new synergies between national and European library policies, opportunities for co-operation with Central & Eastern Europe and the future role of the cultural heritage sector in the IST Programme, as well as discussion of key issues : copyright & licensing, e-commerce and cultural heritage institutions, new ways of delivering education services, interoperability & standards and digital preservation. A workshop dealt with the issue of the exploitation of FP4 project results and there was a session on how best to promote a project Website, including using metadata.

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