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Updated: 24 MAR 99 

Public Libraries
information, projects and services

KEY EVENT:Something for everyone: Public Libraries and the Information Society 
First Pan-European Conference on Public Libraries in the Information Age
14-15 October 1999, Copenhagen
Organised by PubliCA: the European Commission's Concerted Action for Public Libraries


In connection with the PubliCA concerted action in support of the development and enhancement of public library services throughout the European Union, we have collected a number of links for those who wish to research background material or simply examine more closely what Telematics for Libraries has been doing in area:

Studies and support actions

European Projects involving public libraries under the current programme

  • CHILIAS , Children in Libraries: improving multimedia virtual library access and information skills
  • DERAL , Distance Education in Rural Areas via Libraries - Emphasing the mediating role of librarians in public libraries
  • ILIERS , Integrated Library Information Education and Retrieval System With special emphasis on local information services and on access by various groups of users including children
  • HERCULE , Heritage and Culture through Libraries in Europe
  • LIBERATOR , Libraries in European Regions - Access to Telematics and Other Resources
  • LISTED , Libraries Integrated System for Telematics-based Education. Follows on from the work done by PLAIL - see below.
  • VERITY - Virtual and electronic sources for information skills training

European Projects under the previous programme

  • MOBILE : Extending European Information Access through Mobile Libraries. Innovative mobile library services using mobile phones, CD-ROM and video.
  • MUMLIB , Multimedia Technology in Libraries. A CD-ROM presenting 45 modern authors from Denmark, Ireland and Portugal
  • PLAIL , Public Libraries and Independent Learners. Recommendations on training public librarians to give proper assistance to adult independent learners.
  • REACTIVE TELECOM , Residential Access to Information via Everyday Telecommunications Tools. Use of the telephone and the television to provide home access to information.
  • SPRINTEL , Speedy Retrieval of Information on the Telephone. Use of voice technology to improve user access to library services.

Public library information and projects

Individual public libraries - some interesting sites

  • Ballerup children's library - A site specially for children, now in Danish but soon to be in English too
  • BPI - The Bibliothèque Publique de l'Information at the Pompidou Centre in Paris
  • Cologne - One of the most enterprising German sites
  • Databiblioteket - Copenhagen's computer library offering access to the Internet and guidance in its use.
  • Dublin - The first Irish public library on the Web
  • Fredrika - A Finnish site in Swedish
  • Helsinki - The oldest European public library on the Web and a good example of Finnish expertise.
  • Husavik - An interesting site in Iceland - in pure Icelandic.
  • London - An excellent starting point to investigate the libraries of London and their services.
  • Maastricht - An attractive site from the Netherlands
  • New York Public Library - An enterprising US public library site
  • Oslo - A good Norwegian site with a number of interesting links, some in English
  • Ronneby - A Swedish site with a range of features
  • Silkeborg - A Danish site with English-language information including a case study of the library
  • St. Joseph County Public Library Home Page - In South Bend, Indiana, the first public library on the Web
  • Turin - This well-designed Italian site includes a virtual visit around the library.

Other documents maintained at this site of interest to public libraries

Policy support

Task force on educational multimedia

  • Report from the European Comission's Task Force on Educational Software and Multimedia which includes a recommendation that all public libraries should offer free access to multimedia resources so that citizens can benefit from information services, arts and cultural activities and education and training facilities.

Other public library reports

European Commission 
DGXIII Telematics for Libraries
Contact: Concha Fernandez de la Puente

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