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Updated: 10 NOV 98


In connection with the HARMONICA concerted action on music information services, a number of links are presented here for those interested in researching background material.

The Web contains literally thousands of references to the world of music and is equally rich on library technologies and services. The links below have therefore been chosen as an initial guide to the vast amount of information which is currently available.

Current European Projects

  • CANTATE , Computer Access to Notation and Text in Music Libraries
  • IMPRIMATUR , Intellectual Multimedia Property Rights Model and Terminology for Universal Reference
  • JUKEBOX , Applying Telematic Technologies to Improve Public Access to Audio Archives
  • MODE , Music on Demand
  • PARAGON , SR Target Development as a Paragon for Catalogue Systems (access to music archives)
  • GREATCOM , Great Composers - the multimedia reference on European classical music heritage
  • MAEMH , Multimedia Access to European Musical Heritage

See also SVB's list of European Music Projects

International Associations

  • IAMIC - International Association of Music Information Centres
  • IAML - International Association of Music Libraries (UK Homepage). See also International Index
  • IASPM - International Association for the Study of Popular Music
  • ICCM - International Center for Choral Music
  • IFCM - International Federation for Choral Music
  • RISM - Répertoire International des Sources Musicales

Technologies and Standards

  • ARA Music Services - This index page links into music resources such as music software, e.g. for notation, publishers, institutions, etc.
  • A2B Music - AT&T's music compression approach allows CD-quality music to be downloaded over the Internet far more quickly than before
  • Common Music - An object-oriented music composition environment from Standford University
  • DVD - An extensive list of links into sources on Digital Video Disks
  • Library Information Interchange Standards - A comprehensive list of open standards including ISMN, ISRC, etc.
  • MIDI - Introduction

General Resources

Music Information Centres country by country

Commercial Services

HARMONICA Information

URLs of other sites of interest for inclusion in this list are welcome, preferably by e-mail . Please clearly mention MUSIC as the subject of your message and, if possible, give a short summary of what the site contains.

European Commission 
DGXIII Telematics for Libraries
Contact: Concha Fernandez de la Puente

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