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Created: 09 JUN 99

Third Metadata Workshop

Luxembourg, 12 April 1999

Third Metadata Workshop

Speakers' profiles

SESSION 1: Developments in metadata standardisation

Godfrey Rust is principal of his own independent consultancy Data Definitions, describing his work as that of 'data strategist', and currently Technical Co-ordinator of the international INDECS (Interoperability of Data in E-Commerce) project (DGXIII Info2000). INDECS is supported by rights owner federations from many sectors, including IFPI, as an initiative to produce cross-sector data standards supporting rights transactions in the web environment. He has played a leading role in the management of music and copyright information and the development of related standards, and has been instrumental in developing a number of major systems including the UK record charts, the UK National Discography, the International Standard Work Code (ISWC) and the copyright societies' CIS (Common Information System) Plan currently being implemented by the international community of copyright societies. He has acted as a data and systems consultant for many music industry bodies. From 1989-97 he was Director of Data Services for the UK copyright society MCPS.

SESSION 2: Metadata and identifiers

Norman Paskin is Director of The International DOI (Digital Object Identifier) Foundation. Prior to this he was with Elsevier Science, where he held a number of editorial, management and technology roles, most recently as Director of Publishing Technologies. Educated at the University of Nottingham (UK), he holds a PhD in biochemistry and has worked for twenty years in the scientific publishing industry in both the U.S. and Europe. He was actively involved in information identifiers issues for the STM (scientific technical and medical) publishing community, and published several papers on this topic prior to his role with the DOI. His involvement with technology and information began with computer modelling using literature data in 1976; from 1994 to 1998 he was director of Information Technology Development for Elsevier Science.

Juha Hakala is currently working as the Development director of the Helsinki University Library. He is responsible of database services and development projects of the library. A large part of his work activities is related to electronic documents. He is a librarian by training and has been involved with library networking since 1987, first in the Automation Unit of Finnish Research Libraries (TKAY) in the Ministry of Education, since 1993 in the Helsinki University Library

Leif Andresen is Library Advisory Officer at the Danish National Library Authority. His responsibilities include standardisation, library automation and DanBib (Danish union catalogue for public and research libraries). He is currently secretary of danZIG (the - Danish Z39.50 Implementation Group), editor of the danZIG-profile and editor of Danish Dublin Core. He is a member of ISO TC46/SC4 and two workgroups: WG7 Data Elements and WG8 Library Codes and a member of DC-TAC (the Dublin Core Technical Advisory Committee).


Dan Brickley: Understanding RDF: the Resource Description Framework in context

Dan Brickley is a technical researcher at the University of Bristol's Institute for Learning and Research Technology, where he works on a number of projects in the area of digital libraries, resource discovery and virtual learning. Dan is a member of the RDF working groups at the W3C, and is co-editor of the RDF Schema Specification. He also participates in the metadata efforts of the Dublin Core and the Instructional Management Systems projects, and is currently working on an RDF implementation testbed that draws together diverse metadata in multiple vocabularies. Day jobs include co-ordinating ILRT's technical research on the DESIRE project, contributing to the ROADS open-source internet cataloguing toolkit, researching content-interchange frameworks for virtual learning tools (Tutorial Modelling Language) and working on architectures for large-scale image archives. In his spare time he represents the University of Bristol within the W3C and neglects a PhD in Computer Science.

Winfried Mühl: The implementation and use of RDF/XML at the Göttingen Digitization Center

Winfried Mühl is employed at the Göttingen Digitization Center (GDZ) at the State and University Library of Lower Saxony (Germany) since May of 1997. His main tasks are the development of demands and concepts for the databases and the application software needed at the GDZ and in part to implement it. He is responsible for the workflow management of digitizing documents and in some parts for the system administration. Before this he gained nine years experience in the fields of programming and database design for ecosystem research as qualified biologist at the University of Göttingen.

SESSION 4: Metadata for preservation

Michael Day: The Cedars perspective

Michael Day received a B.A. degree from the University of Wales in 1986, and a M.A. in Library and Information Studies from Loughborough University in 1989. He joined UKOLN - the UK Office for Library and Information Networking - in June 1996 and is based at the University of Bath. Day is currently working on several projects relating to metadata, Internet resource discovery and digital preservation. These include the BIBLINK and DESIRE projects funded by DG XIII C/E as part of the EU's Telematics Applications Programme and the ROADS and Cedars projects funded by the Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) of the UK higher education funding councils as part of the Electronic Libraries Programme (eLib).

Titia van der Werf: The NEDLIB project. Metadata for preservation of electronic publications

Titia van der Werf-Davelaar is staff member of the library research department of the Koninklijke Bilbiotheek, National Library of the Netherlands. Her main research and development activities concern electronic information products and services. She initiates new project proposals in the area of networked resource discovery and description. Currently she is working on the following EC-co-funded projects:

  • BIBLINK for the electronic exchange of metadata between publishers and National Bibliographic Agencies
  • NEDLIB for the development of the Deposit System for Electronic Publications
  • DESIRE, looking into co-operative work models for subject gateways and indexing of scientific information on the Web.

European Commission 
DGXIII Telematics for Libraries 
Contact: Concha Fernandez de la Puente

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