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Telematics for Libraries Distance Learning
projects, resources and research

Updated: 11 JAN 99

The list below will serve as an initial guide to the vast amount of information on distance learning currently available on the Web. Please send other pertinent URLs to 

Projects under Telematics for Libraries

  • BIBDEL - Libraries without Walls: the delivery of Library Services to Distant Users. The Conference Library Without Walls 2 , 17-20 September 1997, built on the outcomes of the project.
  • CHILIAS - Children in Libraries: improving multimedia virtual library access and information skills
  • DERAL - Distance Education in Rural Areas via Libraries
  • DEDICATE - Distance Education Information Courses through Networks
  • EDUCATE - End-user Courses in Information Access through Communication Technology
  • ELVIL - The European Legislative Virtual Library
  • HYPERLIB - Hypertext Interfaces to Library Information Systems
  • LIBERATION - Libraries: Electronic Remote Access to Information over Networks
  • LISTED - Library Integrated System for Telematics-based Education
  • MURIEL - Multimedia Remote Interactive Electronic Documents
  • PLAIL - Public Libraries and Independent Learners
  • VERITY - Virtual and electronic sources for information skills training

Other related projects

  • BROADNET - Coordinated by the University of Wolverhampton, this UK project with EU regional support aims at providing Web-based training and information services for SMEs in the West Midlands
  • DEMOS - Distance Education and Tutoring in Heterogeneous Telematics EnvirOnments (Telematics Applications Programme - Education and Training Sector).
  • DOMITEL - DOMestic Discussive Telematic Education and Learning (Telematics Applications Programme - Education and Training Sector).
  • EduLib Educational Development for Higher Education Library Staff
  • ELINOR - Electronic Library INformation Online Retrieval
  • NetLinkS - A n eLib Training and Awareness project, supported by the Joint Information Systems Committee of the Higher Education Funding Council of England.

Related EC initiatives

Internet training and resources

General resources

  • A Collection of distance education resources - An interesting page mantained by Jörgen Eriksson from the Lund University Electronic Library, Sweden.
  • Distance Education - Organisations, journals, newsletters and articles on distance learning created and is maintained by Dr Renee M. Eggers, US.
  • Distance Education Program - Distance learning courses, library support services and much more information offered by the University of Louisville' School of Education, Louisville, USA.
  • Distance Education Resource Sites - A massive site provided by the Office of Continuing Education from Miami University, Oxford, Ohio, US.
  • Italian page on Distance Learning - A site in Italian compiled by FITA - Confindustria of Rome, devoted to distance learning on the Internet.
  • Journal of Library Services for Distance Education (JSLDE), a scholarly e-journal providing research/information services to students enrolled in formal post-secondary distance education. The journal is offered online by the State University of West Georgia, US.
  • Open Learning and the Internet in the Public Library - A report presenting the findings of the South Ayrshire Libraries Open Learning and the Internet project which took place between September 1997 and October 1998. The objective of the project was to demonstrate how open learning materials available on the Internet could be integrated with the provision of local open learning resources to provide an enhanced learning environment in the public library.
  • Project Earl - A comprehensive UK Web site providing information on schools, training courses, careers and media related to distance learning.
  • The Comprehensive List of Distance Education Resources - compiled by Tom Ramage, Education Coordinator at the University of Illinois, US.
  • UWE Library Distance Learning Initiative - The University of the West of England provides in this site services and support for their students taking distance learning courses.

Research institutes

  • CKC - Center for Knowledge Communication, a research group in the Departement of Computer Science (University of Massachussetts), carrying out research related to the teaching, training and Educational System field.
  • Institute for Computer Based Learning - Heriot-Watt University, Edinburgh : research and development in the area of advanced learning technology; a list of interesting subject-related projects is provided.
  • Institute for Learning Technologies - This Columbia University instutute strives to advance the role of computers and other information technologies in education and society. A list of school-based projects is provided.

National initiatives

URLs of other sites of interest for inclusion in this list are welcome, preferably by e-mail . Please clearly mention DISTANCE LEARNING as the subject of your message and, if possible, give a short summary of what the site contains. 

European Commission 
DG XIII/E-4 - Telematics for Libraries
Contact person: Ian Pigott

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