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Updated: 09 FEB 99 

Journals addressing issues of interest to
libraries and related organisations

This page lists journals from across Europe and throughout the world dealing with library technology and networking. Please send other pertinent URLs by e-mail

  • ABD-BVD Info - Monthly electronic newsletter from the Belgian Association of Documentation
  • AIB Notizie - Newsletter from the Italian Library Association (AIB)
  • American Libraries - The magazine of the American Libraries Association - updated weekly
  • Ariadne - A Web and print magazine of Internet issues for librarians and information specialists - from UKOLN.
  • ASIS - Bulletin of the American Society of Information Scientists.
  • Aslib - This UK organisation publishes a number of journals of potential interest to the libraries sector including Current Awareness Abstracts and Managing Information which are available electronically.
  • Biblioteca Informacions - Publicació del Servei de Biblioteques de la UAB (in Catalan)
  • Bibliothek: Forschung und Praxis - Many interesting news items and in-depth articles on library technology from the Göttingen State and University Library (mainly in German).
  • Biblio-Tech Review - A UK monthly review of developments in library management and automation.
  • Bibliotheksdienst - Index and selected articles from DBI, Berlin, including several on Telematics for Libraries initiatives (in German).
  • B.I.T - Zeitschrift für Bibliothek, Information und Technologie (in German).
  • Bollettino AIB - Italian library and information science journal issued by the Italian Library Association (AIB).
  • Bulletin des Bibliothèques de France - Appears every two months: full articles in French with abstracts in English, French and German
  • Cataloging & Classification Quarterly - An international forum for discussion in all aspects of bibliographic organization.
  • Commission on Preservation and Access - This monthly newsletter reports on cooperative national and international preservation activities and often contains special features.
  • Correo Bibliotecario - Boletín informativo de la Subdirección General de Coordinación Bibliotecaria (Spanish Ministry of Education and Culture): in Spanish.
  • Current Cites - An annotated monthly bibliography of selected articles, books, and electronic documents on information technology from the Berkeley Digital Sunsite.
  • D-Lib Magazine - Monthly electronic journal reporting on the US Digital Libraries Initiative and related topics.
  • Documentaliste - Sciences de l'information - Revue éditée depuis 1964 par l'ADBS, l'Association des professionnels de l'information et de la documentation
  • Finnish Library Journal - the professional journal for Finnish library people, the consumer journal for library users and the news journal that keeps decision makers up to date.
  • First Monday - A peer-reviewed electronic journal dealing with the Internet and the Global Information Society
  • Inform - Newsletter of The Institute of Information Scientists, parts of which can be accessed via the Web.
  • Initiatives in Digital Information - The purpose of this electronic newsletter is to highlight the ever-increasing array of digital information resources at the University of Michigan.
  • Internet Librarian Column - An interesting monthly feature from the American Library Association
  • Investigación Bibliotecológica - Electronic journal published by the Autonomous National University of Mexico (in Spanish).
  • Irish Library News - Published by An Chomhairle Leabharlanna, the advisory body on public library development to the Minister for the Environment and to public library authorities in Ireland.
  • JASIS - Journal of the American Society for Information Science (only the titles of articles are available electronically).
  • Journal of Digital Information - Supported by the British Computer Society and Oxford University Press and hosted at the University of Southampton Multimedia Group, this electronic journal presents articles on a variety of interesting topics.
  • Journal of Electronic Publishing - Published by the University of Michigan, the journal presents a wide range of articles on new developments which are pertinent to the library scene. All are fully accessible on the Web.
  • Journal of Library Services for Distance Education (JSLDE) - A scholarly e-journal providing research/information services to students enrolled in formal post-secondary distance education. The journal is offered online by the State University of West Georgia, US.
  • Katharine Sharp Review - The peer-reviewed e-journal devoted to student scholarship and research within the interdisciplinary scope of library and information science - from the University of Illinois library school.
  • Library of Congress Information Bulletin - Bi-weekly bulletin accessible by gopher
  • LIBRES - Library and Information Science Research Electronic Journal from Louisiana State University Libraries.
  • LITA Newsletter - Published quarterly by the Library and Information Technology Association, a division of the American Library Association. LITA, the journal addresses information technology and libraries.
  • LITC Newsletter - Frequently updated news and information on libraries and technology from South Bank University, London.
  • MC Journal - A quarterly electronic journal from the State University of New York covering all aspects of academic media librarianship
  • Métodos de Información (MEI) - Editada por la Associació Valenciana d'Especialistes en Informació (AVEI), la revista está dedicada al análisis de la información desde un punto de vista documental.
  • Nachrichten für Dokumentation - Zeitschrift für Informationwissenschaft und -praxis from the GMD (with abstracts in English).
  • New Library World - Published by MCB University Press, provides an international appraisal of current library trends and emerging patterns for the future: some articles available electronically.
  • Nytt fra Statens bibliotektilsyn -Electronic newsletter on Norwegian library policy developments and related topics (in Norwegian).
  • Online Mitteilungen - Interesting announcements and articles, mainly in German, from the Online Users Group of the Austrian Librarians Association.
  • PACS Review - An electronic journal about end-user computer systems in libraries published by the University of Houston Libraries
  • PreText Magazine - An electronic magazine produced by PreText, Inc., a Seattle-based digital media studio specializing in content, design, and technology for the Web.
  • Program : - Publishes material on the management and use of information technology in libraries and archives, museums and galleries, information centres, and the information industry generally. Example articles on the Web together with an interesting news section.
  • Reference Librarian Journal published and supplied to BUBL by Haworth Press and available electronically.
  • RLG DigiNews - A web-based, quarterly newsletter published by the Research Libraries Group
  • ROADS newsletter - Under the UK eLib programme, this electronic bulletin provides news of work on subject gateways and tools for information discovery on the Web. It also contains updates on UKOLN ROADS activities and related projects.
  • Solaris - La revue Solaris est une revue électronique universitaire française dans le domaine des Sciences de l'Information et de la Communication (in French).
  • Synopsis - An informative bulletin published about six times per year from the Norwegian National Office for Research Documentation, Academic and Special Libraries (RBT) available on the Web. The site also contains a number of articles of interest to the research library community (in Norwegian).
  • Tietolinja News - The Electronic Newsletter of the Library Network Services, Helsinki University Library - an information channel to the research library world in Finland.
  • VINE - One of the UK's most widely read and respected library technology journals. Contents pages only on the Web.
  • VOEB-Mitteilungen - A worthwhile site containing quarterly announcements and articles from the Austrian Librarians Association (mainly in German).
  • WORLD 1 Connections - An electronic journal on library networking issued by the Services to Libraries Division of the National Library of Australia.
  • Zeitschrift für Bibliothekswesen und Bibliographie - A German-language publication addressing topics of interest for research libraries.

European Commission
DGXIII Telematics for Libraries 
Contact: Concha Fernandez de la Puente 

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