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Libraries sector supplements projects with concerted actions

The Telematics for Libraries sector of the Telematics Applications Programme is augmenting the impact of its projects which are being supported within the Fourth Framework Programme by launching a number of concerted actions. These actions come under the umbrella of accompanying measures, namely measures which help the main projects by supportive activities such as obtaining agreement on common objectives . The actions represent a coordinated approach, which seeks to harness and exploit the considerable yet diversified interest in certain aspects of library operations which has become evident in the project proposals submitted to date.

The concerted actions include the following:

  • CoBRA+ , an action involving national libraries in Europe, building on a concertation activity ( COBRA ) set up in 1993, with the goal of promoting initiatives and actions in the area of national bibliographic services at European level. CoBRA+ will continue work already under way but will widen its focus beyond national bibliographic services to include collection based issues, particularly those concerned with deposit collections of electronic publications and related service developments in national libraries.
  • ECUP+ , a concerted action to enhance awareness among information professionals of copyright issues. ECUP+ builds on earlier activities which included the establishment of a European copyright user platform for libraries. Considerable attention will be given to the increasing problems confronting libraries concerning copyright in electronic services. The action will include provision of a help desk and information server.
  • PUBLICA , a concerted action for public libraries, with the objectives of stimulating more public library participation in the current programme, assisting the European Commission in ensuring public libraries benefit from the results of projects, and reducing disparities between public library services in the different Member States. This action will, in particular, encourage public libraries to address information society issues. As public libraries constitute half of some 100,000 libraries throughout the EU, the Commission is keen to ensure that they are fairly represented.
  • CAMILE , a concerted action on management information for libraries in Europe, addressing performance measurement and decision support. Drawing on the experience and expertise of four existing Libraries Programme projects and a study on performance indicators, this action should lead to long-term consensus, the development of common approaches and the application of new standards.
  • HARMONICA , an action on creating a common framework for networked music services in libraries. Issues requiring attention will include: current practice for access to digital music and related multimedia services; standards for cataloguing, encoding music scores and compression techniques; networking options; user-friendly interfaces; services giving access to digitised musical resources; fostering consensus between music publishers, music libraries, rights holders, etc. for sheet music, sound and reference; copyright issues.
  • The support action EFILA (European Forum for Implementors of Library Applications) is a group on networking standards and related standards for libraries where implementors, manufacturers, users and others interested in library automation can together create the climate for change and awareness. It serves as a common platform for all Libraries projects dealing with these issues, the goal being to promote the development of a European Library infrastructure.

Further details of the concerted and support actions are available from the contact below.
European Commission
DG XIII/E-4 Telematics for Libraries
Contact person: Ian Pigott

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