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Children's Page

Updated: 20 NOV 98

EU projects on children's libraries

  • CHILIAS - Children in Libraries: improving multimedia virtual library access and information skills
  • HERCULE - Heritage and Culture through Libraries in Europe
  • ILIERS - Integrated Library Information Education and Retrieval System
  • VERITY - Virtual and electronic resources for information skills training
  • WFS - The Web for Schools project under the Esprit programme may provide some ideas for projects addressing children's libraries

Interesting sites

  • Ballerup children's library - A well developed site specially for children: in Danish
  • Book Mouse of Kallio Library - A story from Finland written by Hannele Huovi illustrated by Riina Åkerman (in English, Swedish and Finnish)
  • Children's Literature Web Guide - A comprehensive guide for children maintained by David Brown at the University of Calgary
  • Children's Music List - "Your Guide to Children's Music on the Web" (Monty Harper)
  • Eventyr og Fortellinger - A huge collection from Norway (in Norwegian and English)
  • Folk and Fairy Tales - Collected from around the world by Richard Darsie
  • Hillerød Public Library - Internet for børn og unge
  • Infoplanet - Visit children's libraries in six countries through the CHILIAS space stations
  • Internet Public Library - The youth section of the IPL has some interesting features for kids including Ask the Author which provides information on popular children's authors in response to children's questions
  • KidsConnect - A service from the American Association of School Libraries intended to teach children how to use the Internet
  • Kid's Page - Info für Kinder von der Stadtbücherei Stuttgart (German language info from the Stuttgart public library)
  • La Pagina per Bambini - Pagina in italiano con una sezione per storie e poesie. Contiene anchi links per siti italiani e internazionali (in Italian)
  • Lesenett - Bokanmeldelser av barn I Østfold, Norge (Children's comments on books in Norwegian)
  • Mediaguider - Ett samverkansprojekt mellan Filmcentrum / Film i Halland / Länsbibliotek Halland (in Swedish)
  • Oskar@visen - Danmarks Digizine for børn og unge (in Danish)
  • OzKids - This site in Australia not only provides information on Australian children's authors but also gives an interesting set of international links to children's literature
  • Project EARL - If you have any questions about the United Kingdom, Ask a Librarian and you'll get an answer within 48 hours
  • Premiers pas sur Internet - Internet pour Enfants s'adresse à tous les cyber-mômes francophones et/ou francophiles. Il offre des adresses de sites particulièrement attrayants, surtout ceux consacrés aux cyber-kids (in French)
  • Read Up On It - The National Library of Canada provides some interesting pages on recent Canadian books for children's (in both French and English)
  • Stories on the Web - A UK project involving public libraries
  • Treasure Island - Developed by UKOLN, these pages allow children to follow the story pages and take part themselves by using email in various ways
  • Woodfield Stanley - UK children's bookshop
  • - An interesting, well illustrated site for children presenting rhymes, stories and fables

Nursery rhymes and children's songs

  • English - List of traditional English nursery rhymes compiled by Tracy Lightfoot in Australia
  • French - Comptines, chansons et poésies du site Imagenet
  • German - Kinderlieder compiled by the foreign language staff of Shasta College in Northern California
  • Norwegian - Ole Arntzens Sangbok
  • Swedish - Projekt Runeberg: Barnvisor av Alice Tegnér

Kids too are welcome to send me an e-mail about interesting sites on children's books and libraries.

European Commission 
DG XIII/E-4 Telematics for Libraries
Contact person: Ian Pigott

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