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Call for expressions of interest

Updated: 23 SEP 98

This Call for Expressions of Interest is to create a bona fide list of potential European organisations competent to carry out library related studies. In future, only organisations that have applied to be on the list and whose applications have been selected, will be invited to tender for studies in the areas cited. The list will be open and valid until 2001. Organisations and individuals who wish to be on the list are encouraged to send their applications as soon as possible.

L-Luxembourg: Libraries
published in the Official Journal 98/S
on 21 August 1998

1. Awarding authority:

European Commission, DG XIII/E-4
Electronic publishing and libraries,
rue Alcide de Gasperi,
Batiment Euroforum 1274,
L-2910 Luxembourg.
Tel. (352)43 01 329 23.
Facsimile (352) 43 01 335 30.

2. Type: Notice of call for expressions of interest. Natural persons or organizations wishing to apply for inclusion on a list are invited to submit an application in accordance with the provisions of this notice.

The awarding authority will include applicants on the list who fulfil the criteria in 8.

For each specific contract relating to the fields described in 3. a) , the awarding authority will send the tender documents and the invitation to tender to all applicants on the list or to a number of them selected on the basis of preselection criteria specific to the contract concerned.

The list resulting from this notice will be used exclusively for contracts with estimated values inferior to ECU 100 000 for the studies and ECU 137 527 for the service contracts.

3. a) This call for expressions of interest will cover studies and service contracts to be made in the domain of: A mix of library technology areas of both EU and international scope ranging from:

  1. library automation and networks to resource discovery issues,
  2. digital library applications in traditional contexts,
  3. cross-domain collaboration between libraries and other heritage institutions such as museums and archives.

b) Indication of the type of contracts which will be tendered for on the basis of the list: Study or service contracts.

4. Place of delivery of the results of the work: Commission's premises in Luxembourg.

5. The list resulting from this call for expressions of interest will remain valid until 14. 8. 2001 .

6. Tenders must be submitted individually. If 2 or more applicants submit a joint bid, 1 must be designated as the lead contractor and agent responsible.

7. a) Address to which applications must be sent:

European Commission, DG XIII/E-4
Electronic publishing and libraries,
Call for expressions of interest - Libraries,
10, rue Robert Stuemper,
Euroforum Building 1274,
L-2910 Luxembourg.

b) Terms of submission, dispatch and presentation of applications including all the information, formalities and documents mentioned in 8:

The expression of interest must be sent in 3 copies to the European Commission within 30 days of dispatch of the terms of reference sent by the Commission and related to the launch of a new study or service contract which will include the evaluation criteria.

The applications must be posted, hand-delivered or sent by courier. The package(s) containing applications should be double-wrapped and each wrapping marked as follows:

Outer package:

  1. Address of the Commission:
    European Commission, DG XIII/E-4
    Electronic publishing and libraries,
    Call for expressions of interest - libraries,
    10, rue Robert Stuemper,
    Euroforum Building 1274,
    L-2910 Luxembourg.

  2. If the proposal is sent in more than 1 package: No ... of ... packages.

Inner package:

  1. 'Not to be opened by the internal mail service: LIBRARIES EXPRESSION OF INTEREST'.
  2. The main subject area of the call to which the application relates.

Applications may be submitted in any official Community language.

It is regretted that applications by facsimile, telex or e-mail will not be accepted.

c) The candidate will clearly indicate which of the areas in 3. a) their domain of competencies refers to.

8. Full list of information and documents concerning the candidate's own position and the information and formalities necessary for an appraisal of the minimum economic and technical standards required of him:

Selection criteria which will be used to select the applicant's financial, economic and technical experience:

Financial and economic criteria:

  • statement from social security service indicating that the tenderer has fulfilled obligations in relation to the payment of contributions;
  • tenderer's company statutes;
  • bank statements;
  • balance sheets and accounts of results for the past 2 financial years.

Technical criteria:

  • short curriculum and qualification of the person and/or company responsible for the application;
  • list of similar works carried out in the past 3 years, with an indication of the value, date and quality of the client organizations, whether private or public, involved;
  • proof of the subject knowledge and experience.

9. Other information: None.

10. Date of dispatch of the notice: 11. 8. 1998.

11. Date of receipt by the Office for Official Publications of the European Communities: 11. 8. 1998.

European Commission
DG XIII/E-4 - Telematics for Libraries
Contact person: Ian Pigott

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