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Updated: 08 JAN 99 

Links to European sources of
information for CEE libraries

Your gateway to EC and other programmes for Central and Eastern Europe with potential for libraries.

European Commission Institutions

EC General

DG I-A - External Relations : Europe and the New Independent States, Common Foreign and Security Policy and External Missions

  • PHARE - the largest grant assistance programme in support of Central and Eastern European countries.
  • TACIS - a European Union initiative which provides grant finance for know-how to foster the development of market economies and democratic societies in the New Independent States and Mongolia.
  • TEMPUS - Tempus is a project for the development and restructuring of higher education in Central and Eastern Europe and the New Independent States and Mongolia. It forms part of the overall Phare and Tacis programmes of the European Union.

DG 3 - Industry

  • ESPRIT - the European Union's information technologies RTD programme, an integrated programme of industrial RTD projects and technology take-up measures.

DG 12 - Science, research and development

  • COST - COST is a framework for scientific and technical cooperation, allowing the coordination of national research at a European level.
  • INCO- International Cooperation - INCO deals more specifically with: scientific and technological cooperation in Europe, cooperation with non-European industrialized third countries, scientific and technological cooperation with the developing countries.

DG 13 - Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research

DG 13-B - Advanced communications technologies and services

  • ACTS - Advanced Communications Technologies and Services represents the European Commission's major effort to support precompetitive RTD in the context of trials in the field of telecommunications
  • RACE - Research and technology development in Advanced Communications Technologies in Europe

DG 22 - Education, Training, Youth

  • LEONARDO - programme for the implementation of a Community vocational training policy
  • SOCRATES - programme for cooperation in the field of education

Other European sources of information

Institutions and Organisations

  • CIS - Middle Europe Centre - a leading research centre offering commercial services, dealing with business and economic issues of the former Soviet Union and East Bloc countries
  • FEMIRC Estonia - The Fellow Member to the Innovation Relay Centres Network provides information about national, regional and Community technology transfer programmes as well as on European RTD programmes and calls for proposals available and accessible to potential users in Estonia. The site provides also access to the new FEMIRC centres established in ten Eastern European Countries.
  • INTAS - the International Association for the Promotion of the Co-operation with Scientists from the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union, has launched a Home Page on the Cordis WWW server. INTAS supports co-operative research projects with the New Independent States.
  • NORDINFO - The main purpose of the Nordic Council for Scientific Information is to promote Nordic cooperation within the field of scientific information and documentation, principally in connection with the research library system, and also to promote Nordic interests in a wider international context.
  • Open Society Institute Regional Libraries Programme - The Regional Library Programme of the Open Societyworks to support and contribute to the development of libraries in Central and Eastern Europe and the former Soviet Union, funding a broad range of activities. A call for proposals is presently open. Further information can be obtained from Melissa Hagemann ( )
  • The 1992 Eastern Europe Programme Report of the Mellon Foundation gives a good idea of the objectives of the Foundation in the libraries field in Eastern Europe

Other links

National Libraries


  • BL Slavonic : Information on the British Library's Slavonic and East European Collections and services with an extensive list of links to related sites.
  • Czech National library - Memory of the World
  • INSIGHT (INformation Systems Integration using Global Hypermedia Technology) - this project aims to introduce and promote the use of World-Wide Web technology in Central and Eastern European countries to provide an integrated, distributed information service.
  • Living and Working in the Information Society: People First - the European Commission launched wide consultation on the social deficits raised by the transition towards the information society. These are based on the Green Paper that examines how information and communication technologies are transforming people's lives. (EBLIDA Hot News, Sept. 1996)
  • The Public Libraries of Europe site provides many interesting links to Central and Eastern European web sites.
  • Polish libraries on-line

European Commission 
DGXIII Telematics for Libraries 
Contact: Concha Fernandez de la Puente 

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