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Initiatives, events, calls and publications

Updated: 16 DEC 98

Initiatives Events Calls Publications


  • The Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association ( TERENA ) organises annually an international conference which attracts participants from some 35-40 countries all over and outside Europe. This year the conference took place in Dresden, Germany on 5-8 October 1998. Experience from previous TERENA conferences have shown a certain difficulty for participants from Central and Eastern European countries in finding sufficient funds to participate. The European Commission enabled some 15 experts from Central and Eastern European countries to attend the TERENA Networking Conference '98. Priority was first given to applicants who had a paper accepted by the Programme Committee of the conference and then to applicants from those countries in Central and Eastern Europe with the lowest national income per capita.
    Detailed information about the Conference can be found at: .
  • TACIS Programme for Civil Society Development in Belarus, budget ECU 5 million 
    The programm will provide support to NGO's, the media and the education sector. The programme supports east-west cooperation of institutes providing education and training to younger generations and aims to provide information on the EU to the public and to develop academic exchanges.
    PHARE and TACIS Information Centre 
    Tel +3225459010
    Fax +3225459011
  • EU Support for Regional Co-operation in the Baltic States 
    The EU confirmed its support for regional co-operation in the Baltic Region, providing its financial contributions to programmes and projects by PHARE TACIS and other EU grant programmes. Areas of cooperation covered by these programmes are amongst others higher education and EU enlargement.
  • CIS-Middle Europe Information Service , London School of Economics
    This information service uses London Business School's network in the region and its extensive business library.It is designed for business people, investors, researchers and those with a need for current information. It works in contact with information networks in Central and Eastern Europe and is a member of EIRENE (the European Network of Information Brokers). It issues a regular newsletter CISME update which is available on request.
    For further information
    contact: Ms Wendy Shelley
    Information Service Manager
    CIS Middle Europe Information Service
    London Business School
    Sussex Place
    Regent's Park
    Tel.: +44-171-706 68 70 or +44-171-262 5050 ext. 3766
    Fax +44-171-402 89 79
  • FEMIRC - Fellow Members of the Innovation Relay Centres 
    As a result of the last INCO-COPERNICUS call for proposals, 10 projects were selected in CEE countries to disseminate RTD results and information concerning EU calls for proposals, as well as promote innovation and technology transfer. The FEMIRCs also have the responsibility to provide support to the Telematics for Libraries programme to achieve these aims. A list of these centres is available at INCO .
  • A list for Slavic librarians in English is moderated by Allan Urbanic at the University of California, Berkley.
    Further information from:
    Allan Urbanic
    Librarian for Slavic Collections
    The Library, Room 346
    University of Califonia
    USA - Berkeley, CA 94720
    Tel.: 1-510-642-09 56
    Fax: 1-510-643-78 91
  • The electronic discussion list for Polish librarians

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  • Freedom of expression, Censorship, Libraries 
    Riga, Latvia
    November/December 1998
    Further information:
    National Library of Latvia/Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Latvia
    Tel: + 371-7289874
    Fax: + 371-7280851
  • Conference to launch the Fifth Framework Programme 
    25 - 26 February 1999
    Essen, Germany
    European Commission 
    Joint Interpreting and Conference Service
    Rue de la Loi 200 / Wetstraat 200 
    (SCIC B1 - DM 24 1/83) B - 1049 Bruxelles/Brussel 
    Fax +32-2-295 37 36 or +32-2-296 49 92
    Web site:
  • BOBCATSSS `99 
    25-27 January 1999
    Bratislava, Slovakia
    Fachhochschule Stuttgart
    Hochschule für Bibliotheks- und Informationswesen
    Wolframstr. 32 D-70191 Stuttgart Germany 
    Tel: +49 (0) 711 257 06 15
    Fax: +49 (0) 711 257 06 47 
  • Third International Conference on Conceptions of Library and Information Science (COLIS 3) 
    Digital libraries: Interdisciplinary Concepts, Challenges and Opportunities
    23-26 May 1999
    Department of Information Science, University of Zagreb
    Fax +385 1 615 6879

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Calls for Proposals and Expressions of Interest

The items are listed in alphabetical order
  • ADAPT 
    The ADAPT bis Programme launches Calls for Proposals in the Member States with special focus on projects to build the Information Society. It is advisable to check their pages regularly.
  • Call for Applications for Inclusion on Lists of Experts for evaluating specific programmes under the 4th FWP for R&TD. Successful applicants will assist Commission in evaluating the following fields: information technologies ( ESPRIT ), advanced communication technologies and services ( ACTS ), cooperation with third countries and international organisations ( INCO ), dissemination and optimisation of RTD results ( INNOVATION ), training and mobility of researchers.
    European Commission DG XII
    Directorate AP, SDME 2/18
    rue de la Loi 200
    B-1049 Brussels

    Deadline for the 1999 evaluation 15 March 1999

  • INCO 
    The results of the INCO (International Cooperation Department) call for proposals for cooperation with C&EE countries and the NIS , 15 March 1997 are now available from .
  • INTAS 
    INTAS Fellowships and Conference Grants The International Association for the Promotion of Cooperation with Scientists from the NIS has announced a call for proposals for fellowships and grants to support scientific partnership. Applications forms from
    58, Avenue des Arts, Box 8
    B-1000 Bruxelles
    Fax +322 5490156
  • PHARE 
    The PHARE programme frequently issues calls for proposals. It is advisable to check their pages regularly. 
    • PHARE 
      Cross border cooperation projects, in cooperation with Interreg, under the Phare Baltic Sea region cross border cooperation programme , for projects to support local democracy and culture.
      No specific deadline.
      Further information: BPF PHARE Interreg Information Office
      Tel: +44 121 2002737
      Fax: +44 121 2002370
  • Scheme to promote the mobility of scientists from Central and Eastern European countries and the Newly Independent States. 
    Grants to cover travel and subsistence will enable scientists to take part in seminars, conferences etc. held in the European Union.
    Applications must be sent at least 3 months before the event.
    Further information: DGXII B2
    Contact person: Michele Genovese
  • Survey of Eastern European "Information Society" 
    This Call for Tender will select companies to conduct a survey and round-up of existing Information Society projects and developments in the Central and Eastern European (and Mediterranean) countries. The purpose is to extend the ISPO ESIS project to these countries, to gather the same level of statistics and information as for the EU countries. Details are available at
    The European Training Foundation provides up-to-date information on TEMPUS calls and tenders; there is also a possibility to be registered on a long list that will be used for contracts relating to the supply of advisory and consultancy services, policy advice, training, studies and limited equipment in the field of vocational education and training in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, the New Independant States and Mongolia. Private, public and non-commercial organisations from the EU, GATT countries and EEA can request an application form.
    Further information:
    Fax: +39-11 63 02 200
  • Vocational Education and Training 
    Call for Expression of Interest in the field of vocational education and training (in the countries of Central and Eastern Europe, NIS and Mongolia).
    Deadline 2 July 1999
    Information from:
    European Training Foundation
    Mr. Jean-Raymond Masson
    Tel +39 11 6302222
    Fax +39 11 6302200
    indicating ETF/96/VET/CFI/001 on envelope , fax or email


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  • Business Partnership Directories - Poland and Czech Republic. The two 70 page directories contain comprehensive information about the geographical, political, economic and legal conditions in each country and contact details of a wide variety of legal, banking, government and information agencies of interest to those trading or forming partnerships with companies in Poland or the Czech Republic. Copies (price DM 115) in German from:
    ETB Neisse mbH,
    Pf. 300462,
    D-02809 GOERLITZ
    Fax: +49-35 81 481 630
  • Community Research Programmes - A guide for participants.
    This guide covers the submission of research projects, the assessment of proposals and other practical questions in connection with participation in the EC R&#038 D programmes. It is intended for inexperienced applicants as well as for those that have already taken part in a programme. It offers useful tips on sources of information and contact points as well as the detailed development of research projects.
    The guide (EUR 16729, ECU 20.-) is published by the European Commission DGXII and available from the national sales outlets of the Office for Official Publications, Fax +352-29 29-42 76 59
    (Cordis Focus, 13 Dec. 1996)
  • COPERNICUS 1996 A report entitled "COPERNICUS 1996: Funded joint research projects and concerted actions" provides an overview of the result of the call for proposals and the project synopsis of the 299 proposals accepted for funding. 18 projects were accepted in the area of Advanced Communications and Telematics, 36 in Information Technologies and the 10 FEMIRC's (Fellow Members of the Innnovation Relay Centres) were established (these FEMIRCS are also able to give support to the development of EU-C&EE library co-operation). The report at the cost of ECU 46.50 can be obtained from the Eur-OP sales office in the country.
  • East-West Links , a directory of information providers in the Former Soviet Union and Central-Eastern Europe'
    The 2nd Edition of the Address Directory Compiled and Edited by Ron Hogg and Kathleen Ladizesky has now been published.
    This is a much enlarged edition of the previous title 'Directory of Libraries & Book agents in the FSU and Eastern Europe', with particular emphasis on e-mail and URL addresses where possible.
    ISSN: 1363-0113 isbn: 0-7123-2143-8, price including postage, UK overseas NB GBP
    If anyone requires further information we will be pleased to help:
  • EC Research Funding - A Guide for Applicants The European Commission, DGXII has published a complete revised edition of its guide for applicants for EC research funding. It provides information in particular on the specific programmes of the Fourth RTD Framework Programme as well as on related EC programmes e.g. in the area of education and regional policies. It covers the rules of participation, the preparation of the proposal and the selection process. A copy of the report (ECU 20) is available from the
    Office of Official Publications of the European Community,
    2 rue Mercier
    Fax +352-29 29-08 28
  • ESPRIT INCO Projects 
    In recent years, the ESPRIT programme in cooperation with the INCO programme which funds international cooperation in research activities, has supported a range of research projects in information technologies involving partners from outside the EU. A catalogue of synopses of projects supported since 1990 involving non EU partners has been published:
  • The European Training Foundation has published a new edition of the "Guide for Applicants" for the TEMPUS PHARE cooperation programme for higher education in the Central and Eastern European countries.
  • Library Economics in Central and Eastern Europe 
    This new publication is now available for sale from the Eur-OP sales and subscription office in your country.
  • Structural Funds : guidelines for four operational programmes The brochure Europe at the service of regional development and the newsletter Inforegio News can be obtained in all EU languages free of charge from
    Luigi Nigri, EC, DG XVI
    200 rue de la loi
    B-1049 Bruxelles
    Fax +32 2 296 6003

    It contains details on programmes such as the URBAN and ADAPT and INTERREG II initiatives and the programmes NOW, YOUTHSTART and INTEGRA.

  • Telematics Applications Programme - Information Brochure. The Telematics Applications Programme is a user-driven research programme, focusing on the applications of information and/or communications technologies to society. Its activities are closely related to those of the ESPRIT (Information Technologies) and ACTS(Advanced Communications technologies and Services) programmes. Together these three programmes are providing the building blocks for Europe's Information Society. Their joint budget represents 28% of the EU research budget. Copies (free of charge) of the brochure available from:
    EC Telematics Applications
    200, rue de la Loi,
    B-1049 BRUSSELS
    Fax +32-2-29 52 354
  • TEMPUS Handbook 
    "Objective-oriented project design and management" 
    TEMPUS experience has shown that projects encounter major problems when key factors are overlooked or not properly dealt with during project design and implementation. The handbook aims to provide a framework for project planning and management, using the Lobical Framework Approach introduced to TEMPUS in 1996.
    Copies of the handbook (in English) can be downloaded from
  • Tempus Phare Guide for applicants 1998 - 2000 and Tempus Tacis Guide for applicants 1998 - 1999 are available for downloading.

European Commission
Libraries Support Team
contact person: Ms Barbara Morganti

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