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Information about DGXIII/E-4 "Electronic Publishing and Library Networks" actions in cooperation with libraries in Central and Eastern Europe

In line with current planning, the Commission published a Call for Proposals covering all the main sectors of the Telematics Applications Programme on 16 December 1996. 
Libraries in those countries of Central and Eastern Europe that have signed and ratified an accession agreement with the European Union, are eligible to participate as partners in project proposals, providing they have at least two partners from different Member States of the European Union. 
The call will close mid-april. More information from the Call index page.

yellow bullet Introducing Information Technology in Libraries - An Information Pack

This Information Pack is designed to meet the information needs of small and medium sized libraries planning to introduce an automated system. It is for the moment only available in English, but we are discussing with the Regional Libraries Programme of the Open Society the best way of handling the translations into Eastern European languages. Copies of the English version are available upon request to Library Associations in Central and Eastern Europe from DG XIII-E4, who could act as national multiplier for other interested parties.
The pack contains much practical information and advice on the development, benefits and costs of library automation, on how to plan and implement an automated system and on the products currently available in the Central and Eastern European region.
It covers important aspects such as choosing and buying a system, contractual relations with the supplier, management of the project and training of staff. The installation of different functions as well as professional considerations relating to record structure, data entry and output, standards, cataloguing and retroconversion, circulation, serials control, acquisitions, security, report generation etc. are explained in detail in a practical and concise way. 
Chapters describe a selection of different library software and their functions and provide an introduction to computer technology and the Internet. Further sections offer a glossary of terms, detailed system descriptions, a list of suppliers and sources of further information of relevance to the Central and Eastern European region.
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yellow bullet International Conference on Library Automation in Central and Eastern

More information about the Budapest proceedings

This conference jointly organised by the Regional Libraries Programme of the Open Society and DGXIII/E-4 brought together some 250 experts from most countries in Central and Eastern European and the European Union (11-13.4.1996, in Budapest). The conference programme focused on standards, retroconversion, national bibliographies and co-operation. Pre-conference workshops were held on document delivery, automating your library, and the Telematics for libraries programme / Regional Libraries Programme and included an exhibition of vendors of library systems and services. Editing of the papers (25 from Central and Eastern European participants, 25 from EU and 3 from USA speakers plus exhibitors' presentations) is in progress and we hope to publish the proceedings as soon as possible.

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yellow bullet A Survey Relating to Library Activities in Central and Eastern Europe - Phase I.

Volume 1 Statistical Profiles; Volume 2 Country Reports

We want to thank many colleagues in Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithunania, Poland, Romania, Slovak Republic and Slovenia who have contributed to the collection of library specific statistical and financial data (covering the years 1988-1995) undertaken through questionnaires and country visits on behalf of the European Commission by the Institute of Public Finance, London. The result is a preliminary statistical database, corresponding to the UNESCO guidance for the definition within which the libraries have been categorised. The detailed definitions of the questionnaire derive from the International Standards Organisation notes reviewed by IFLA. We are now preparing phase II (expected to start in autumn 1996 and to be completed early in 1997), which will be a study based on this data, to provide an analytical appraisal of library development and performance. Phase II will includ further research and verification of the data, as it was particularly difficult to ensure the consistency of the financial date. The final report, which will correspond to similar studies undertaken in the European Union will be made widely available.

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