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List of Libraries Abbreviations
encountered in the context of EU R&D

(European projects marked in italics)

Errors and additions to ian.pigott@lux.dg13.cec.be

Updated 12 AUG 97

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AACR Anglo-American Cataloguing Rules

AAP Association of American Publishers

AASL American Association of School Libraries

AAT Art and Architecture Thesaurus

ABD Association Belge de Documentation

ABF Association des Bibliothécaires Français

ABLISS Association of British Library and Information Science Schools (UK)

ABS Association des Bibliothécaires Suisses

ABSYS Commercial library package (E)

ACH Assocation for Computers and the Humanities

ACL An Chomhairle Leabharlanna (Irish Library Council)

ACL Association for Computational Liguistics

ACN Advisory Committee on Networking (UK)

ADABAS Adaptable Data Base System

ADAM Art Design Architecture and Media (UK eLib project)

ADBS Association des professionnels de l'information et de la documentation (F)

ADBU Association des Directeurs des Bibliothèques Universitaires (F)

ADF Automatic Document Feeder

ADLIB An on-line integrated library package (NL)

ADION A bibliographic database (NL)

ADIOS Automatic Digital Input-Output System - PC library package (NL)

ADIS German mainframe package for document management

ADMYTE Archivo Digital de Manusritos Y Textos Españoles

ADPCM Adaptive Delta Pulse Code Modulation (sound compression)

ADVANCE A package from GEAC

AENSB Association de l'Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Bibliothèques

AERN Association of European Research Networks

AF Adult Fiction

AFNOR Association Française de Normalisation

AGOCG Advisory Group On Computer Graphics (UK)

AGRALIN Network for agricultural information (NL)

AGRONET International agricultural network

AHDS Arts and Humanities Data Service (UK)

AIB Associazione Italiana Biblioteche (I)

AIDA Alternatives for International Document Availability

AIIM Association for Information and Image Management (US)

AIL Association of International Libraries

AIM Now OASIS q.v.

ALA American Library Association

ALBA Accessionskatalogens Localisation Base (DK)

ALEPH Library system developed from Ex Libris (IL)

ALLC Association for Literary and Linguistic Computing

ALS Automated Library Systems - a library management system (UK)

ANA Article Numbering Association

ANF Adult Non-Fiction

ANNAMARC MARC for ?US military - for Italian national bibliography

ANSI American International Standards Institute

ANTILOPE Union catalogue of current periodicals in Belgian research libraries

APBAD Associação Portuguesa de Bibliotecários, Arquivistas e Documentalistas

APDU Application Protocol Data Unit

APFORC Automated Proofreading and Formatting: OCR/ICR in reconversion catalogues

API Applications Program Environment

ARCA Access to Remote Catalogues by Implementing SR Target Functions

ARIADNA Automatización de Recursos Informativos Administrados por la Biblioteca Nacional (E)

ARIEL Document delivery system from RLG

ARL Association of Research Libraries (US)

Arpanet Defense Dept's Advanced Research Projects Agency network

ARTTel Automatic Request Transmission by Telephone (from BL DSC)

ASCII American Standard for Character Information Interchange

ASIS American Society of Information Scientists

ASSIA Applied Social Science Index and Abatracts

ATBiB Belgian PC package

ATM Asynchronous Transfer Mode

ATS Advanced Telecommunications Services

AUBID Delft University's DOBIS/LIBIS project

AUROC Association des Utilisateurs du Réseau OCLC (F)

AV Audio-Visual

AVEKT Libraries system from National Documentation Centre (GR)

AVMARC AudioVisual MARC file (UK) back to top

BAILER British Association for Information and Library Education and Research

BAMBI Better Access to Manuscripts and Browsing of Images

BASIS Information management package also used for library data

BBS Bulletin Board System

BC Bibliotekscentralen (DK)

BCP Bibliothèque Centrale de Prêt (F)

BCM British Catalogue of Music

BDF Bibliothèque de France

BDP Bibliothèque Départementale de Prêt

BASIS Bibliothekarisch Analytisches System zur Informationsspeicherung

BE Bibliografía Española

BEDIS Booktrade EDI Standards

BELINDIS Belgian Information and Dissemination Service

BER Basic Encoding Rules (ISO 8825)

BGK Berliner Gesamtkatalog

BHI British Humanities Index

BIBDIA Integrated library system from Norsk Data

BIBIS A library package (NL)

BIBLIO Belgian package

BIBLIOMAC Package for Apple Macintosh

BIBLIOLOG An integrated library system

BIBLIS Bibliotheeks Informatie Systeem

BIBLOS A German PC package

BIBS Scandinavian local libraries system from Olivetti

BIBOSS Belgian package for HP 3000

BIC Book Industry Communications

BIDKA Bibliotheek-, Informatie- en Documentatiecentrum van de Kristelijke

Arbeidersbeweging (B)

BIDOC Belgian PC package

BIDS Bath University ISI Data Service (UK)

BIN Buisiness Information Network (UK)

BIS Bibliotheks-Informations-System from DABIS (D)

BIS-LOK PC package from DABIS (D)

BISAC Book Industry Systems Advisory Committee (US)

BISG Book Industry Study Group

BIU Bibliothèque Interuniversitaire

BLAISE British Library Automated Information Service

BLC British Library Catalogue

BL CIP British Library Cataloguing In Publication

BLCMP Birmingham Libraries Cooperative Mechanisation Project

BLCTD British Library Computing and Telecommunications Department

BL DSC British Library Document Supply Service

BLEND Birmingham and Loughborough Electronic Networking Development

BL H&SS British Library Humanities and Social Sciences

BLISS Bristish Library Information Sciences Service

BL NAF British Library Name Authority File

BL NBS British Library National Bibliographic Service

BL NSA British Library National Sound Archive

BL RIC British Library Research and Innovation Centre (replacing R&DD)

BL R&DD British Library Research and Development Department

BLS Integrated library system from Data General

BL SRIS British Library Science Reference and Information Service

BM Bibliothèque Municipale

BMBW Bundesministerium für Bildung und Wissenschaft (D)

BMFT Bundesministerium für Forschung und Technologie (D)

BMP BitMaP (Microsoft image exchange format)

BN Bibliothèque Nationale

Biblioteca Nacional (P)

BNB British National Bibliography

BNBMARC BNB database (available on CD-ROM)

BNCF Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale di Firenze (I)

BNF Bibliothèque Nationale de France

BNF Bibliographie Nationale Française

BNI Bibliografia Nazionale Italiana

BNL Bibliothèque Nationale du Luxembourg

BNTL Bibliography of Dutch language and literature studies

BNU Bibliothèque Nationale et Universitaire de Strasbourg

BOBCATSSS Library school collaboration between Barcelona, Oslo, Budapest, Copenhagen, Amsterdam, Tampere, Sheffield, Szombathely and Stuttgart

BOMS Bollettino delle Opere ModerneStraniere (I)

BOOK Plus IBM integrated library system

BOOKBANK A CD-ROM catalogue (UK)

BOOKFIND A CD-ROM service from Book Data (UK)

BOOKSHELF A PC library package

BOMS Bollettino delle Opere Moderne Straniere (I)

BOSS A shared library bureau service (UK)

BPI Bibliothèque Publique d'Information (F)

BRS Bibliographic Reference Service

Bibliographic Retrieval System

BRZN Bibliotheksrechenzentrum Niedersachsen (D)

BS Bibliothèque Spécialisée

BSBD Biblio Service Data Bank (I)

BT British Telecom

BTECC Book Trade Electronic Communications Committee

BTX Bildschirmtext (D)

BU Bibliothèque Universitaire

BUBL Bulletin Board for Libraries (UK)

BUKS Bibliotheeks Uitleen- en Katalogus Systeem (NL) back to top

CAD Computer-Aided Design

CADIST Centre d'Acquisition et de Diffusion de l'Information Scientifique et Technique (F)

CAFS Contents Addressable File Store

CAIN Conflict Archive on the Internet (UK eLib project)

CAIRS Computer-Assisted Information Retrieval - a PC libraries package

CALIBRE Common Access to Libraries in Europe

CALM Computer-Assisted Library Mechanization - a PC package

CALS Computer-Aided Acquisition and Logistics Support (US)

CANAL/LS Catalogue Multilingual Natural Language Access/Linguistic Server

CANTATE Computer Access to Notation and Text in Music Libraries

CAMILE Concerted Action on Management Information for Libraries in Europe

CAP-CAS Computer-Aided Production - Current Awareness Services (Elsevier)

CAPS Catalèg Automatitzat de Publicacions en Série (E)

CARDBOX A PC package (B)

CARL Colorado Association of Research Libraries (US)

CAS Current Awareness Service

CAS-IAS Current Awareness Service - Individual Article Supply

CASLIN Czech and Slovak Library Information Network

CATBIB Cooperative database on serials (P)

CATMARC Catalan version of MARC

CAV Constant Angular Velocity

CBM Centre for Bibliographic Management (UK)

CCB Collective Catalogue Belgium

CCD Computer Controlled Display

CCF Catalogue Collectif de France

CCC Copyright Clearance Center (US)

CCCS Common Core Character Set

CCF Common Communications Format

CCIRN Coordinating Committee for Interncontinental Research Networks

CCITT Comité Consultatif International Télégraphique et Téléphonique

CCK ?Dutch online cartographic system

CCL Common Command Language

CCN Catalogue Collectif National des publications en série (F)

CCO Catalogue Collectif des Ouvrages (F)

CCOE Catalogue Collectif des Ouvrages Etrangers (F)

CCPB Catálogo Colectivo del Patrimonio Bibliográfico (E)

CCPP Catálogo Colectivo de Publicações Periódicas (P)

CD-BIB National Libraries CD-ROM project under Impact 1

COBRA Computerised Bibliographic Record Actions plus Preservation and Service Developments for Electronic Publications

CDCT Centro de Documentação Cientifica e Técnica (P)

CD-DA Compact Disk - Digital Audio

CD-I Compact Disk - Interactive

CDIGEST Integrated PC library package (P)

CD-MO Compact Disk - Magneto-Optical

CD-Photo A Kodak application of CD-WORM for storing photographs

CD-R Compact Disk - Recordable

CD-RDX Compact Disk Read Only Data Exchange

CD-ROM Compact Disk - Read Only Memory

CD-ROM DVI CD-ROM Interactive Multimedia

CD-ROM XA CD-ROM eXtended Architecture(for multimedia)

CD/MM Compact Disk/Multimedia

CDS/ISIS A package supplied by Unesco

CDU Classification Décimale Universelle (UDC)

CD-V CD for Video

CD-WO Compact Disk - Write Once

CD-WORM Compact Disk - Write Once Read Many

CGI Common Gateway Interface

CEE Central and Eastern Europe

CEEC Central and Eastern European Countries

CEENet, Central and Eastern European academic and research networking organisation

CEN Comité européen de coordination des normes

CENELEC Comité européen de coordination des normes électrotechniques

CENL Council of European National Librarians

CEPT Conférence Européenne des administrations des Postes et Télécommunications

CGM Computer Graphics Metafile

CHILIAS Children in Libraries - improving multimedia virtual library access and information skills

CIDE Centro de Información y Documentaöción de Empresas

CIDL Canadian Initiative on Digital Libraries

CIDMOC Centre d'Information et de Documentation du Mouvement Ouvrier Chrétien (B)

CIEPS Centre International d'Enregisrement des Publications en Série

CISTI Canada Institute for Scientific and Technical Information

CITADEL Citations and Delivery service from RLG (US)

CITED Copyright in Transmitted Electronic Documents

CFPPA Comité Français de Pilotage du Plan d'action pour les bibliothèques de la Communauté Européenne

CICYT Comisión Interministerial de Ciencia y Tecnología (E)

CIP Cataloguing In Publication

CIS Congressional Information Service

CITED Copyright In Transmitted Electronic Documents

CLA Copyright Licensing Agency (UK)

CLASS College Library Access and Storage System (from Xerox)

CLIP Croydon Library Internet Project (UK)

CLSI Computer Library Service International (UK)

CLV Constant Linear Velocity

CMC Computer Mediated Communication

CML Chemical Markup Language

CNCIM Centre National de Coordination et de l'Indexation Matières

CNI Coalition for Networked Information (US)

CNIDR Clearing House for Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval

CNP Centre National de Prêt de la BN (F)

CNRI Corporation for National Research Initiatives (US)

CNRS Centre National de Recherche Scientifique (F)

COLICO Committee On Library Cooperation in Ireland

COM Computer Output to Microfilm

COPOL Comparision of national and Community policies - includes a Survey of IT applications in UK libraries

CORE Chemical On-line Retrieval Experiment (US)

CPA Commission on Preservation and Access (US)

CPAG CPA's Structured Glossary of Technical Terms

CPM Catalogue of Printed Music (UK)

CSCW Computer-Supported Collaborative Work

CSIC Consejo Superior de Investigaciones Científicas

CoBRA Computerised Bibliographic Record Actions (integration group)

ComBO A German PC package

COMPASS Computer-Aided Subject Search

COMPRIS A German PC package

CONSPECTUS A US library holdings coding methodology

COSINE Cooperation for OSI Networking in Europe

CRAFT Cooperative Research Actions for Technology

CRUC Catalèg de Revistes de les Universitats Catalanes (E)

CSB Conseil Supérieur des Bibliothèques (F)

CSDN Circuit Switched Data Network

CTC Central Technical Catalogue (NL)

CTI Current Technology Index

CURL Consortium of University Research Libraries (UK)

CWIS Campus Wide Information System back to top

DACS Digital Acquisition and Control System

DALI Document and Library Integration

DANBIB Cooperation project for all libraries (DK)

DANMARC Danish MARC (similar to UKMARC)

DANTEK A Danish PC package

DAP Directory Access Protocol

DAT Digital Audio Tape

DATALIBRIS An integrated PC package from Datapoint


DB Deutsche Bibliothek

DBDQ Distributed Queue Dual Bus

DBI Deutsches Bibliotheksinstitut

DBi Danmarks Biblioteksskoles Bibliotek

DBMIST Direction des Bibliothèques, des Musées et de l'Information Scientifique et Technique

DBMS Database Management System

DBS Deutsche Bibliotheksstatistik

DBS Digital Book System (chip-based electronic book)

DBV Deutscher Bibliotheksverbund

DC Dewey Decimal Classification

DCT Discrete Cosine Transformation compression

DD-1 Sony's DataDiscman

DD-1EX DataDiscman with graphics

DD-8 DataDiscman with audio

DDC Dewey Decimal Classification

DD-DR1 DataDiscman for PCs

DDEML Dynamic Data Exchange Management Library

DDS Document Delivery Services

DECIDE Decision Support Models for DSS

DECIMAL Decision Making in Libraries

DECOMATE Delivery of Copyright Materials to End-Users

DELICAT Data Enhancement of Library Catalogues (new name for KSYSERROR)

DepLIS Department of Library and Information Services (I)

DF Danmarks Forskningsbiblioteksforening

DFG Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft

DFN German research network

DFR Document Filing and Retrieval

DIALOG An on-line search service

DIALPLUS A PSS service from BT

DIB Directory Information Base

DIG Developers/Implementors Group (for ILL)

DION Documentair Informatiesysteem voor Onderwijsliteratuur in Nederland

DIP Document Image Processing

DIS Draft International Standard

DIT Directory Information Tree

DISTEL Delft document delivery program

DLIB A PC library package

DLL Direction du Livre et de la Lecture

DLL Dynamic Link Library

DM A relational text retrieval package from Information Dimensions


DNH Department of National Heritage (UK)

DNLB Danmarks Natur- og Lægevidenskabelige Bibliotek

DOBILUS Package interacting with DOBIS/LIBIS

DOBIS Dortmunder Bibliotheks Informations System

DOBIS/LIBIS IBM integrated library system

DOCUMENTA An integrated library package (P)

DOI Digital Object Identifier

DOLPHIN A PC package

DOMESTIC A German mainframe package

DON Disque Optique Numérique

DOR Digital Optical Recording

DPI Dots per inch

DPL Dublin Public Libraries

DSA Directory System Agent

DSP Directory System Protocol

DSS Decision Support System

DSSSL Document Style Semantics and Specification Language

DTB Danmarks Tekniske Bibliotek

DTD Data Type Definition (in SGML)

DTI Department of Trade and Industry (UK)

DTP Desk-Top Publishing

DUA Directory User Agent

DUMC Dutch Union Map Catalogue

DVD Digital Video (or Versatile) Disk

DVI Digital Video Interactive

DYNIX Commercial library system back to top

OPAC Extended, Expanded and Enhanced OPAC

EAGLE European Association for Grey Literature Exploitation

EAHIL European Association for Health Information and Libraries

EARL Electronic Access to Resources in Libraries (UK)

EARN European Academic Research Network

EB Electronic Book

EBCDIC Extended Binary Coded Decimal Interexchange Code

EBLIDA European Bureau of Library, Information and Documentation Associations

EDILIBE Electronic Data Interchange for Libraries and Booksellers in Europe

EBIN Eindhovens Bibliotheek Informatie Netwerk

EBF Electronic Book Format

EBP Electronic Book Player

EBP European Books in Print

EBSCO Interface for major library systems

EC European Commission

EC (until 1995) European Community

ECC Error Correction Code

ECHO European Commission Host Organisation

ECMA European Computer Manufacturers Association

ECMS Electronic Copyright Management System

ECN European Consulting Network

ECUP European Copyright User Platform

EDC Error Detection Code

European Documentation Centre - Lecce (I)

EDDS Electronic Document Delivery Service

EDI Electronic Data Interchange

EDIFACT Electronic Data Interchange For Administration, Commerce & Transport

EDIL Electronic Document Interchange between Libraries

EDILIBE Electronic Data Interchange for Libraries and Booksellers in Europe

EDUCATE End-user Courses in Information Access through Communication Technology

EDV Electronische Datenverarbeitung

EEVL Edinburgh Engineering Virtual Library (UK eLib project)

EFILA European Forum for Implementors of Library Applications

EFLC European Foundation for Library Cooperation

EIDOSTAS European Infrastructure for Document Supply in Technology and Applied Sciences

EIIA European Information Industry Association

EIUF European ISDN User Forum

EKZ Einkaufszentrale für die Öffentlichen Bibliotheken

ELECTRE French books in print catalogue

ELAG European Library Automation Group

eLib Electronic Libraries Programme (UK initiative of FIGIT)

ELISE Electronic Library Image Service for Europe

ELITE Electronic Library Teleservices

ELNET European Library Netwroks meeting

ELP European Library and Publishers

ELSA Electronic Library SGML Applications

ELVIL European Legislative Virtual Library

ENSB Ecole Nationale Supérieure de Bibliothécaires (F)

ENV Europäische Vornorm

EP Electronic Publishing

EP European Parliament

EPIC An on-line reference service from OCLC

EPS Encapsulated Postscript

EQLIPSE Evaluation and Quality in Library Performance Systems

ERIC Educational Research and Information Center (US)

EROMM European Register of Microform Masters

ESPRIT European Specific Programme for Research and Technological Development in the field of Information Technology

ESRIG European SR Implementors Group

ESTC Eighteenth Century Short Title Catalogue

ETSI European Telecommunications Standard Institute

EWOS European Workshop for Open Systems

EWS European Working Group on SGML

EU European Union

EURILIA European Initiative in Library and Information in Aerospace

EUREGIO Europe-Régions: cooperations between Liège, Aachen, Limburg includes an OPAC project (B, D, NL)

EUREKA European Research Coordination Agency

EUROLIB Organization of EC institutional libraries

EUROPAGATE European SR-Z39.50 Gateway

EUSIDIC European Association of Information Services

EWOS European Workshop on Open Systems

EXLIB Expansion of European Library systems for the visually disadvantaged back to top

FACE Framework for Academic Cooperation In Europe

FACIT Fast Automatic Conversion with Integrated Tools

FAQ Frequently Asked Questions

FARNET Federation of Advanced Research Networks

FASTDOC Fast Document Ordering and Document Delivery

FCC Federal Communication Commission

FDDI Fibre Distributed Data Interface

FDP Fourniture de Documents Primaires (F)

FEB Franklin Electronic Book (US CD format)

FED Field Emission Display

FEK Forskningsbibliotekernes Edb-Kontor (DK)

FELIX An input system from FEK (DK)

FFCB Fédération Française de Coopération entre Bibliothèques

FID Fédération Internationale de Documentation

FIGIT Follett Implementation Group for IT (UK)


FIPS Federal Information Processing Standards (US)

FLOPS Floating Point Operations per Second

FOLACL Federation of Local Authority Chief Librarians (UK)

FOUDRE Fourniture de Documents sur Réseau Electronique (F)

FP Framework Programme (CEC)

FSF Free Software Foundation

FSFM Full Screen Full Motion

FTP File Transfer Protocol

FULBI Fédération des Utilisateurs de Logiciels pour Bibliothèques back to top

GALAXY Package from Concurrent Computer Corp.

GAP Guildhall Automation Project (UK)

GCPB BL's General Catalogue of Printed Books

GEAC Dutch computer supplier of GLIS

GED Gestion Electronique des Document

GEDI Groupement Europages de Diffusion d'Information

Group on Electronic Document Interchange

GENESIS Windows-based library software from SCG

GGC Gemeenschappelijke Geautomiseerde Catalogssystemen

GIBUS Belgian PC package

GIF Graphics Interchange Format

GILS Government Information Locator Service (USA)

GIP Global Inventory Project (G-7)

GKD Gemeinsame Körperschaftsdatei (D)

GLIN Global

GLIN Grijze Literatuur in Nederland

GLIS GEAC Library Information System

GNS Global Network Service (UK)

GOLEM Großspeicher Orientierte Listenorganisierte Ermittlungsmethode

GOPHER Interface program

GOPs Video film is divided into Groups of Pictures

GOSIP Government OSI profiles (UK)

GRIPS General Relation-Based Information Processing System - a retrieval language

GUI Graphics User Interface back to top

HARMONICA Harmonised Access and Retrieval for Music-Oriented Networked Information - Concerted Action

HDML Handheld Devices Markup Language

HDSL High Bit-Rate Digital Subscriber Line

HDTV High Definition Television

HEB Handheld Electronic Book

HEBIS Hessisches Bibliotheks-Informations-System

HELEN Greek transliteration project

HELOS Unix libraries interconnection project (DK)

HISTORIA Heraldic Images Storing Applications

HMSO Her Majesty's Stationary Office

HSM Hierarchical Storage Management

HTML HyperText Markup Language

HTTP HyperText Transport Protocol

HUNGARNET Hungarian academic and research network


HUSLONET Hungarian-Slovak Network

HVS Human Visual System

HYPERLIB Hypertext Interfaces to Library Information Systems

HyTime SGML multimedia standard

HZK Hessischer Zentralkatalog back to top

IAB Internet Architecture (or Activities) Board

IAFA Internet Anonymous FTP Archive

IALBA Inter-American Biographical and Library Association

IAMIC International Association of Music Information Centres

IAML International Association of Music Libraries

IANA Internet Assigned Numbers Authority (US)

IANI Intelligent Access to Nordic Information (DK)

IAS Individual Article Supply

IASA International Association of Sound Archives

IATUL International Association of Technological University Libraries


IBL Inter-Bibliothecair Leenverkeer (NL)

IBS A German OCR package

IC Integrated Circuit (as in IC-card)

ICA International Council on Archives

ICB Instituto Catalán de Bibliografía

ICBC International Cataloguing and Bibliographic Control

ICCU Istituto Centrale per il Catalogo Unico (I)

ICE Internet Commerce Exchange

ICLS Irish Central Library for Students

ICPL Istituto centrale per la Patologia del Libro (I)

ICR Intelligent Character Recognition

ICT Information and Communication Technologies

IDDD International Direct Distance Dialing

IDEALS Information Directory of European Automated Library Services

IDNX Integrated Digital Network Exchange

Intelligent Direct European Access to Library Systems

IEEE Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers

IEPRC International Electronic Publishing Research Centre

IESG Internet Engineering Steering Group

IETF Internet Engineering Task Force

IFEN Intercompany File Exchange Network

IFLA International Federation of Library Associations & Institutions

IFOBS International Federation for Open Bibliographic Systems

IIA Information Industry Association

IIOP Internet Interface Operating Procedures

ILIERS Integrated Library Information Education and Retrieval System

ILL Interlibrary Loan (ISO 10160, 10161)

ILIADA Spanish National Library automation project

ILSES Integrated Library and Survey-data Extraction Service

IMAP Internet Message Access Protocol

IMCS Interactive Multimedia Computing Systems

IME Information Management & Engineering (a UK supplier)

IMO Information Market Observatory

IMO International MARC Office

IMPACT Information Market Action Programme

IMPRESS Implementation Maintenance and Promotion of the EDILIBE/EDITEUR Standards Sets

INA Information Networking Alliance (UK)

INCIPIT CD-ROM of incunabula

INIC Instituto Nacional de Investigação Científica (P)

INIST Institut de l'Information Scientifique et Technique (F)

ICBN Initiative canadienne sur les bibliotheques numeriques

INMAGIC Textbase software for special libraries (NL)

INNOPAC Internet's library management software

INS International Network Service from Mercury (UK)

INTERMARC French internal MARC format

ION Interlending OSI Network (F, NL, UK)

IOP Interface Operating Procedures

IoPP Institute of Physics Publishing

IOUBC International Office for Universal Bibliographic Control

IP Internet Protocol

IPA International Publishers Association

IPC Impact Programme Committee

IPIG ILLProtocol Implementors Group (US)

IPL Internet Public Library (Univ. of Michigan)

IPLL Instituto Portugûes do Livro e da Leitura

IPR Intellectual Property Rights

IPR Irish Publishing Record

IPSE Intelligent Program Support Environment

IPSS International Packet-Switched Service

IPX Internet Packet Exchanged

IRC Internet Relay Chat

IRCAM Institut de Recherche & Coordination Acoustique-Music

IRIS Interconexión de Recursos Informáticos para Universidades y Centros de Investigación (E)

IROMM International Register of Microform Masters

IRRL Information Retrieval Research Laboratory (US)

IRS Information Retrieval System

IRTF Internet Research Task Force

ISBD International Standard Bibliographic Descriptions

ISBN International Standard Book Number

ISDN Integrated Services Digital Network

ISDS International Serials Data System

ISI Institute of Scientific Information at Bath (UK)

ISIS A serials control system

ISKO International Society for Knowledge Organisation

ISNSPM International Standard Numbering System for Printed Music

ISO International Standards Organization

ISOC Internet Society

ISR Information Research and Retrieval

ISRC International Standard Recording Code

ISSN International Standard Serial Number

ISTC Incunabula Short Title Catalogue

ISTP Index of Scientific and Technical Publications

ISUS Information Services and User Support (RARE)

IVP Interactive Voice Response

IXI International X25 Infrastructure

IZUM Institute of Information Science (US) back to top

JANET Joint Academic Network (UK)

JAVA Programming language for access to networked resources

JBIG Joint Bi-level Group

JF Junior Fiction


JISC Joint Information Systems Committee (UK)

JNF Junior Non-Fiction

JMLS John Menzies Library Service (UK)

JNT Joint Network Team (UK)

JPEG Joint Picture Experts Group

JPO Japanese Patent Office

JTC1 ISO standards committee on IT (Joint Technical Committee??)

JUGL JANET User Group fro Libraries

JUKE-BOX Improvement of access to audio archives back to top

KADOC Katholiek Archief en Documentatiecentrum (Leuven)

KAMBIS KARMAC Modulair Bibliotheek Informatie Systeem

KB Det Kongelige Bibliotek (DK)

KEK Kommission für Erschliessung und Katalogmanagement (D)

KIDLINK Schools networking project for 10 to 15 year-olds

KINGTEL Kingston upon Thames Viewdata Service (UK)

KOALA Konstanz University integrated library system

KOLIN Consortium of East Slovakian Libraries

KSYSERROR Knowledge-based System for consistency in bibliographic databases (see DELICAT)

KUB Katholieke Universiteit Brabant back to top

LA Library Association (UK)

LAB Legal Advisory Board

LAI Library Association of Ireland

LAN Local Area Network

LARS A German PC package

LASER London and South Eastern Library Region cooperative

LATNET Latvian academic network

LBN Logical Bibliographic Network

LBS Locaal Bibliotheek Systeem (NL)

LCC Library of Congress Classification

LCD Liquid Crystal Display

LC-MARC Library of Congress MARC

LCSH Library of Congress National Union Catalogue Subject Headings

LCTGM Library of Congress Thesaurus for Graphic Materials

LDAP Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (Internet)

LEO Low Earth Orbit (satellites)

LIB-2 EC 12-part study on new information technologies in libraries 1988

LIBACT1 Impact CR-ROM project for National Libraries

LIBACT2 Impact OSI project on interlending services (ILL)

LIBACT5 Needs study (Interconnection, Unimarc....)

LIBER Library system for Siemens computers (B, F)

Ligue des Bibliothèques Européenees de Recherche

LIBERATION Libraries: Electronic Remote Access to Information over Networks

LIBERTAS A stand-alone housekeeping system from SLS for VAX

LIBIS Leuvens Integraal Bibliotheek- en Informatiesysteem

LIBMAN A PC package

LIBRA Logiciel Intégré pour les Bibliothèques en Réseau Automatisé

LIBRIME Library & Information Mangement in Europe

LIBS100 Integrated online Unix-based library system (NL)

LICON A PC package

LINC Library and Information Cooperation Council (UK)

LIRN Library Information Enquiry and Referral Network

LISA Library & Information Science Abstracts

LISAN Libraries on the Information Superhighway Advocacy Network (US)

LISTED Library Integrated System for Telematics-based Education

LITC Library Information Technology Centre (UK)

LoC Library of Congress classification

LSI Large Scale Integration of circuits on a single chip

LZW Lempel-Ziv-Welch compression back to top

MAB Maschinelles Austauschformat für Bibliotheken (D)

MAC Media Access Control

MAGNUS A Danish CD-ROM bibliography

MAN Metropolitan Area Network

MARBI Machine Readable Bibliographic Information

MARC Machine Readable Cataloguing

MARC II Machine-Readable Catalogue (British Library, ISO 2709)

MARS Monograph Acquisitions and Record System

MCAV Modified Constant Angular Velocity

MCC Ministère de la Culture et de la Communication

MECANO Mechanism of automatic comparison of answers with OPACs

MEDLINE A medical database with bibliography (UK)

MENJS Ministère de l'Education Nationale, de la Jeunesse et des Sports

MeSH Medical Subject Headings

MHEG Multimedia and Hypermedia Expert Group

MHS Message Handling System

MIC Music Information Centre

MICROLYNX Serials control system

MIDI Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MIME Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions

MINIBIB Government libraries catalogue (DK)

MINSTREL Management Information Software Tool - Research in Libraries

MIPS Millions of Instructions per Second

MIS Management Information System

MISTEL Delft monograph document delivery and catalogue

MITI Multilingual Intelligent Interface

MMDS Multichannel Multipoint Distribution Service

MMR Modified Modified Read compression

MMX Microprocessor from Intel

MO:DCA Mixed Object Document Content Architecture

MODE Music on Demand

MOO Multi-user Object-Oriented environment (Internet)

MORE MARC optical recognition


MOSAIC A GUI for multimedia within Internet

MPC Multmedia Personal Computer

MPEG Motion Picture Experts Group - compression standard

MIRS Musical information retieval system

MS-DOS Microsoft Disk Operating System (for PCs)

MUD Multi-User Dungeon (or Dimension)

MULTILIS Library system from SOBECO (CDN)

MUMLIB Multimedia Technology in Libraries

MURIEL Multimedia Remote Interactive Electronic Documents

MUSE Esprit4 project concerned with music delivery for recording companies

MYRIADE Interface for accessing CCN (F) back to top

NACSIS National Center for Science Information Systems (J)

NAGRA National Association of Government Archives and Records Administration (US)

NAILDD North American Interlibrary Loan and Document Delivery (US project)

NAL National Agricultural Library (US)

NALIN National Library Information Network (BG)

NAP National Awareness Partner (Impact)

NARCISSE IMPACT study on optical coding of art treasures

NASIRE National Association of State Information Resource Executives (NASIRE)

NASK Polish academic and research network

NBBI Nederlands Bureau voor Bibliotheekwezen en Informatieverzorging

NBLC Nederlands Bibliotheek en Lektuur Centrum

NBD Nederlandse Bibliotheek Dienst

NCC Nederlandse Centrale Catalogus

NCS National Communications System

NDL National Digital Library (US)

NDL Network Database Language

NEON NBLC host facility

NESTOR Netherlands Educational and Scientific Titles for Online Retrieval

NFP National Focal Point

NIBS Nuffield Interactive Book System

NIC Network Information Centre (Internet)

NIDR Networked Information Discovery and Retrieval

NII National Information Infrastructure (US)

NIR Networked Information Resource

NIR Networked Information Retrieval

NISO National Information Standards Organisation

NISS National Information on Software and Services (UK)

NIST National Institute of Standards and Technology (US)

NLC National Library of Canada

NLI National Library of Ireland

NLM National Library of Medicine (US)

NMN Niedersächsischer Monographiennachweis (D)

NNTP Network News Transfer Protocol

NOC Network Operations Centre (Internet)

NOS Netwrok Operating System

NOSP Network Operating Support Program

NPAC National Program for Acquisitions and Cataloging (US)

NREN National Research and Education Network (US)

NROMM Netherlands Register of Microform Masters

NSA National Sound Archive (UK)

NSDC National Serials Data Centre (UK)

NSF National Science Foundation (US)

NSFNET National Science Foundation Network (US)

NTI Nouvelles Technologies de l'Information

NTSC National Television Standards Committee (US)

NTTF Netwrok and Telecommunications Taskforce (US)

NTTP Network News Transfer Protocol (Internet)

NUC National Union Catalogue

NZN Niedersächsischer Zeitschriftennachweis (D) back to top

OASIS A PC package from Dawson Technology (UK)

OBN Open Bibliothek Netwerk (NL)

OCELOT PC-based library system (CDN)

OCLC Online Computer Library Center

Ohio College Library Center

OCR Optical Character Recognition

OD Optical Disk

ODA Office (or Open) Document Architecture

ODIN Oosterhouts Digitaal Informatie Netwerk - a local network (NL)

ODP Open Distributed Processing

ODS Optical Disk Storage

OJCCT On-line Journal of Current Clinical Trends

OLIS Oxford Library Integrated System (UK)

OLUIT Object Oriented Librarian User Interface Tool

OMNI Organising Medical Networked Information (UK eLib project)

ONA Open Network Architecture

ONE OPAC Network in Europe

OPAC Online Public Access Catalogue

OPALE French bibliographic database

OPALINE Database management system (F)

OPD Open Distributed Processing

ORACLE A relational database

OPIS Organismo Público de Investigación (E)

ORS On-line Retrieveal System

OSI Open Systems Interconnection

OSTC Open Systems Testing Consortium

OUP Oxford University Press back to top

PA Publishers Association (UK)

PAF Postcode Address File

PAL Phase Alternating Line

PALS Public Access Library System - a commercial package

PAN Personennamen der Antike (D)

PARINFO Programme d'Aide à la Recherche en Information (F)

PBX Private Branch Exchanges

PCM Pulse Code Modulation

PCMCIA PC Memory Card International Association (standard format)

PCS Personal Communication Services

PCN Personal Communication Network

PDA Personal Digital Assistant (from Apple)

PDL Page Description Language

PEA Proposal Expansion Award (CEC)

PEB Prêt Entre Bibliothèques (F)

PEPSY Scandinavian pedagogical publications bibliography

PHOTO-CD Compact Disk for storing still photographs

PI Préstamo interbibliotecario (E)

PICA Project for Integrated Catalogue Automation (NL)

PICK An operating system for library packages

PICS Platform for Internet Content Selection

PICT Format for images used by Apple Macintosh

PIG Process Ink Gamut

PIF Periodicals catalogue (DK)

PLA Public Library Assocation (US)

PLAIL Public Libraries and Independent Learners

PLAS Professional Library Automation System (Greek package)

PLAY Telematics project on music services for the blind

PLDIS Public Libraries Development Incentive Scheme (UK)

PLNAG Public Libraries Networking Advisory Group (UK)

PLNASG Public Libraries Network Awareness Steering Group (UK)

PLRG Public Libraries Research Group (UK)

PMA Personennamen des Mittelalters (D)

PMS Periodical Management System

PND Personennamendatei (D)

PNI Pharmaceutical News Index (from OCLC)

POP Point of Presence

POP Post Office Protocol (Internet)

PORBASE On-line Union Catalogue of Portuguese Libraries

POTS Plain Old Telephone Service

PPP Point-to-Point Protocol

PRECIS Preserved Context Index System - a retrieval system

PREN European draft standard

PRISM OCLC's new online service

PROFILE An on-line search service

PRIMIS McGraw Hill digitised book selection and printing initiative

PSD Power Spectral Density

PSDN Packed Switched Data Network

PSS Packet Switching Service

PSTN Public Switched Telephone Network

PTO Public Telecommunications Operator

PUBLICA Public Libraries Concerted Action

PURL Persistent URL

PVN Private Virtual Network back to top

QCIF Quarter Common Intermediate Format back to top

RABIN Raad van Advies voor Bibliotheekwezen en Informatieverzorging (NL)

RACE Research on Advanced Communications in Europe

RAK Regelwerk für die alphabetische Katalogisierung

RAK-AV RAK Audio-visuelle Medien

RAK-PB RAK Parlaments- und Behördenbibliotheken

RAK-WB RAK Wissenschaftliche Bibliotheken

RAMEAU Répertoire d'Autorité-Matières Encyclopédique et Alphabétique Unifié

RAPDOC PICA's individual article supply service (NL)

RARE Réseaux Associés pour la Recherche Européenne

RBCCN Répertoire des Bibliothèques participant au CCN (F)

RBPE Red de Bibliotecas Públicas del Estado (E)

RCLib Package from RCI (DK)

RDA Remote Database Access

RDBMS Relational DataBase Management System

REBIUN Red de Bibliotecas Universitarias (E)

REBUS Réseau des Bibliothèques utilisant SIBIL

RECON Retrospective Conversion

RENATER Réseau National de Télécommunications pour la Technologie, l'Enseigement et la Recherche (F)

RFI Radio Frequency Interference

RFID Radio Frequency Identification

RGB Red-orange, Green, Blue-violet signal

RICA Regole Italiane di Catalogazione per Autori

RIDDLE Rapid InformationDisplay and Dissemination in Library Environments

RIPE Réseaux IP Européens

RIT Rochester Institute of Technology

RLE Run Length Encoding

RLG Research Libraries Group (US)

RLIN Research Libraries Information Network (US)

ROADS Resource Organisation and Discovery in Subject-based services (UK)

ROBIN Rotterdam Bibliotheek en Informatienetwerk (NL)

ROLTP Remote On-Line Transaction Processing

ROM Read Only Memory

RPC Regras Portuguesas de Catalogação

RPM Register of Preservation Microfilms

RRO Reproduction Rights Organisation

RSAC Recreational Software Advisory Council

RSWK Regeln für den Schlagwortkatalog

RTC Real Time Compression

RTC Religious Technology Centre (US)

RTP Real-time Transport Protocol (Internet)

RTPC Real-Time and Parallel Computing (Internet)

RUDI Resource for Urban Design Information (UK eLib project) back to top

SABINI Commercial library system (E)

SAMKAT Catalogue cooperation project (DK)

SAN Standard Address Numbering system from BEDIS

SAN Serveur d'Archivage Numérique (F)

SB Statsbibliotek Århus

SBA Stadsbibliotheek Antwerpen

SBKB Staatsbibliothek Preußischer Kulturbesitz

SBL Sistema Beni Librari (I)

SBN Standard Bog Nummer (DK)

SBN Servizio Bibliotecario Nazionale (I)

SBN Standard Book Numbering agency (UK)

SBT Statens Bibliotekstjenste (DK)

SCAI Switch-to-Computer Application Interface

SCANFAX A disk-to-fax service from HMSO

SCONUL Standing Conference Of National and University Libraries (UK)

SCP Service Control Point

SCSI Small Computer Systems Interface

SCSS Specialist Computer Systems and Software (a UK supplier)

SDI Selective Dissemination of Information

SEBINA Library system (I)

SESAM System for Electronic Support of Academic Material

SFQL Structured Full-text Query Language

SGBD Système de Gestion de Base de Données

SGML Standard Generalized Markup Language

SHIRL Serial Holdings in Irish Libraries

SHTML Server-side include HTML

SIBAN Sistema Informativo Biblioteche Ateneo Napoletano (I)

SIBI Sistemas de Información de las Bibliotecas Cientificas Interconectadas y Abiertas

SIBIL Système Intégré pour les Bibliothèques universitaires de Lausanne

SIBILO An integrated library system (I)

SICAB Sistema de Información para Catálogos Automatizados de Bibliotecas (E)

SICI Serial Item and Contribution Identifier (Z39.56)

SIGAL Système Intégré de Gestion Automatisée du Livre (B)

SIGLE System for Information on Grey Literature in Europe

SIIB Sistema Integrado de Informação Bibliográfica da Região Centro (P)

SIMS A PC package

SINBIB An integrated library system (I)

SISAC Serials Industry Systems Advisory Committee

SISIS Package for Siemens computers

SISO Schema voor de indeling van de systematische catalogus in openbare bibliotheeken (B)

SKIP Association of Library and Information Professionals (CS)

SLIP Serial Line Internet Protocol

SLS Source Library System

South Western Academic Libraries automation project

SMDL Standard Music Description Language

SMDS Switched Multimegabit Data Service

SME Small or Medium-Sized Enterprise

SMPTE Society of Motion Picture and Television Engineers

SMTP Simple Mail Transfer Protocol

SNA Systems Network Architecture

SNMP Simple Network Management Protocol

SOCKER SR Origin Communication Kernel

SOCRATES Strategy for Organisations Concerned in Rural Advanced Telecommunications Experiments (RACE)

SOLSTICE Satellite OnLine Searching Training Interactive Conferencing Experiment (UK)

SONET Synchronous Optical Network

SOSIG Social Science Information Gateway (UK eLib project)

SPAG Standards and Practices Action Group (CD-ROM)

SPIRS SuperJANET Project on Information Resources

SPRINTEL Speedy Retrieval of Information on the Telephone

SQL Structured Query Language

SRS Selective Record Service

SR Search and Retrieve

SRIS Science and Reference Information Service (at British Library)

SR-NETT Nordic Search and Retrieve Project

SSL Secure Sockets Layer (Internet)

STAIRS Storage and Information Retrieval System (IBM)

STAR ISRS with library modules

STCN Short Title Catalogue Netherlands

STM Scientifuc, Technical and Medical

STM International Association of Scientific, Technical & Medical Publishers

STN Scientific and Technical Network

STRIX ISRS system with dLIB components

STUB Stadt- und Universitätsbibliothek, Frankfurt (D)

SUPERMAX Unix-based library system from DDE (DK)

SUNIST Serveur Universitaire National pour l'Information Technique et Scientifique

SURFnet Dutch ISDN university network

SWD Schlagwortnormdatei - a magnetic tape service (D)

SWITCH Swiss Academic and Research Network back to top

TALES The Association of Library Equipment Suppliers (UK)

TCP/IP Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol

TECDOC IMPACT study on CD-ROMs for technical documentation

TECHLIB A package for VAX, MVS or Unix

TEI Text Encoding Initiative

TELETHESES French catalogue of theses

TERENA Trans-European Research and Education Networking Association (NL)

TESTLAB Testing Systems using Telematics for Library Access for Blind and Visually Handicapped Readers

TIB Technical Information Library (Hannover)

TIFF Tagged Image File Format

TINLEND A ILL system related to TINLIB

TINLIB An integrated library system of British origin

TIRL Telematique International Research Laboratories

TLTP Teaching and Learning Technology Programme (UK)

TMC Technical Management Committee (of Telematics Programme)

TMN Telecommunications Management Network

TNO Nederlandse Organisatie voor toegepast-natuurwetenschappelijk Onderzoek (Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research)

TOBIAS Integrated on-line library system (F, NL)

TOLIMAC Total Library Management Concept

TP Transaction Processing system

TRADACOMS Trading Data Communications

TULIP+ Elsevier's The University Licensing Program UAP???

TWAIN De facto industry standard for scanner interfaces back to top

UBC Universal Bibliographic Control

UBCIM Universal Bibliographic Control and International MARC

UC Union Catalogue

UCABEL Union Catalogue of Art Books in Edinburgh Libraries

UCF Union Circulation File

UNICODE 16-bit character set (ISO 10646)

Union Catalogue File

UDC Universal Decimal Classification

UKMARC UK Machine Readable Cataloguing format

UKOLN Office of Library and Information Networking (UK)

UKOLUG UK Online User Group

UKOP Catalogue of UK Official Publications (CD-ROM)

UK MARC Tape format of BL Bibliographic Services

ULS Union List Subsystem from OCLC

ULS Union List of Serials

UNESCO United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization

UNIBIBLIO An integrated library system (I)

UNICA Network of Universities from the Capitals of Europe

UNICORN Library management software from SIRSI Ltd (UK)


URC Uniform Resource Characteristics

URC Uniform Resource Citation

URI Uniform Resource Identifier

URICA Commercial library system from McDonnell Douglass (UK)

URL Uniform Resource Locator

URN Uniform Resource Name

USEMARCON User-controlled generic MARC converter

UTLAS University of Toronto Library Automation System (CDN)

UUCP Unix to Unix Copy Program back to top

VAN Value-Added Network

VAN EYCK Visual Arts Network for the Exchange of Cultural Knowledge

VBB Verbund der Bibliotheken der obersten Bundesbehörden

VBR Variable Bit Rate

VDU Visual Display Unit

VERONICA Very Easy Rodent-Oriented Netwide Index to Computerised Archives

VGA Video Graphics Adapter

VISCOUNT British interlibrary loan project

VK Verbundkatalog maschinenlesbarer Katalogdaten (D)

VLB Verzeichnis liefbarer Bücher

VLACC Vlaamse Geautomatiseerde Centrale Catalogus

VLSI Very Large Scale Integration of circuits on a single chip

VRML Virtual Reality Markup Language

VTLS Library automation package

VOWB Vlaams Overlegorgaan voor Wetenschappelijk Bibliotheekwerk

VSB Vereinigten Staatsbiblioteken (D)

VUBIS Vrije Univeriteit Brussel Information Systeem back to top

W3 World Wide Web

WAIS Wide Area Information System

WAN Wide Area Network

WARMAN Warsaw Metropolitan Area Network

WIMP Windows, Icons, Mouse and Pull-down environment

WIN Wissenschaftsnetz (D)

WMF Windows MetaFile

WORM Write Once Read Many

WWW World Wide Web back to top

X*PRESS Around-the-clock keyword-based electronic news service

YCC Lightness, Colour, Chromatics

ZCAV Zoned Constant Angular Velocity

ZDB Zeitschriftendatenbank (D)

ZIB Zentralinstitut für Bibliothekwesen (former DDR body)

ZIG Z39.50 Implementors' Group

ZKZ Zentralkatalog der Zeitschriften und Serien (D)

Z39.47 ANSI extended Latin alphabet coded character set for bibliographic use

Z39.50 ANSI Search and Retrieve protocol back to top Back to the beginning of the document

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