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Access To Public Information:
A Key To Commercial Growth And Electronic Democracy

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Conference - Stockholm
27/28 June 1996

Flags of 15 EU Member States

Conference proceedings

Opening session

  • Opening speech by Mr. Paul Weissenberg, Chef de Cabinet to Mr Bangemann, European Commission - 
    Browse document
    , download in WinWord
  • Mrs Laila Freivalds, Minister of Justice, Sweden - Browse document, download in WinWord
  • Mr. Alan John Donelly, Member of the European Parliament

Public access to public sector-held information and dissemination policy: origin and rationale through national experiences

Dr. Herbert Burkert, Chairman of the LAB
The Swedish experience
Prof. Peter Seipel, IRI, Stockholm University, Sweden - Browse document, download in WinWord
The American model of access to and dissemination of public information
Mr. Robert M. Gellman, Privacy and Information Policy Consultant, United States of America - Browse document, download in WinWord
Current developments in the United Kingdom
Mr. John Wreford, Head of Information Services, HMSO, United Kingdom
La politique française de diffusion des données publiques
Mme. Martine Viallet, Directeur de la Documentation Française, France - Browse document, download inWinWord

Facing dilemmas

Mr. Jan Freese, Director General,Telestyrelsen, Sweden
Privacy and transparency: how can they be reconciled?
Mr. Ulf Brühann, DG XV, European Commission - Browse document , download in WinWord
Copyright and official documents in the EU
Mr. Charles Clark, Copyright Adviser, The Federation of European Publishers, United Kingdom Browse document , download in WinWord
National secrecy interests versus public access
Mr. Ton Beers, Tilburg University, The Netherlands - Browse document, download in WinWord
Accès public et sources statistiques officielles
Daniel Byk, OSCE - Browse document , download in Winword

Improving the synergy between the public and private sectors in the information market

Mr. Frans de Bruïne, European Commission, Director XIII-E, Luxembourg
Opportunities and constraints of public data commercialisation: a private company point of view
Mr. David R. Worlock, European Information Industry Association, United Kingdom - Browse document,WinWord
Commercialisation des données publiques et concurrence
Me Bertrand Nouel, Avocat à la cour de Paris - Browse document , download in Winword
Reinventing Government Through Information Technology
Prof. Henry H. Perritt Jr., Villanova University School of Law, United States of America - Browse document, download in WinWord
Commercialization of data from a data protection point of view
Mrs Anitha Bondestam, Director General, Data Inspection Board, Sweden

The information society and democracy in Europe

Mr. Aidan White, Chairman of the Information Society Forum Working Group on the "Basic Social and Democratic Values in the Virtual Community"
Plaidoyer pour un ou des service(s) universel(s) d'informations publiques
Prof. Yves Poullet, CRID, Belgium - Browse document, download in WinWord
Citizens' participation in an electronic democracy: building an electronic citizenship?
Prof. Stefano Rodota, University of Roma, Italy - Browse document , download in WinWord

European actions to develop

Mme. Charlotte Marie Pitrat, Services du Premier Ministre, Commissaire du Gouvernement près la CNIL, France
Openness and the European Union institutions
Mrs. Mary Preston, Head of Unit, European Commission, Secretariat General - Browse document,WinWord
New perspectives for the European Union (INFO2000, Green Paper)
Mr. Frans De Bruïne, Director, European Commission, Directorate General XIII-E, LuxembourgPowerPoint

Prospective reflections

Prof. Jon Bing, University of Oslo, Norway
Mr. Ronald L. Plesser, Piper & Marbury, Washington , United States of America
Future information technology and access to information
Mrs. Ruth Kerry, The Government Centre for Information Systems, United Kingdom PowerPoint

Personal summary of the conference

Dr. Herbert Burkert, Chairman of the LAB Browse documentWinWord

Additional contributions

Overview of national laws, Charles Clark - Browse documentWinWord
Citizens' Participation in an electronic Democracy: building an electronic Citizenship?
Professor Stefano Rodotà, University of Roma - Browse documentWinWord

Other contributions

Access to public sector information: the Australian experience

Maeve McDonagh, Lecturer in Law, University College Cork, Ireland - Browse document, download in WinWord

review of the Conference by Ms McDonagh has also been published by the Journal of Information, Law and Technology

Conference organised by Directorate General XIII (Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research) of the European Commission with the assistance of the Joint Interpretation and Conference Service (SCIC)

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