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Table of Contents

1. Access to public sector information - electronic democracy

1.1. EC - OHIM puts trade mark decisions on line
1.2. EC - ETSI telecommunications standards and information on technical bodies available free of charge on the Internet
1.3. Greece - Government invites public dialogue on the information society
1.4. Sweden - Patent Office provides access to more than 30 million patents via the Internet

2. Competition

2.1. EC - Fourth report on implementation of the telecommunications liberalisation package published
2.2. Italy - Administrative court rejects Telecom Italia’s action against the ruling of the Communications Authority on reference interconnection offer

3. Computer crime

3.1. USA - Sophisticated computer virus attacks business network of telecommunications’ company

4. Consumer protection

4.1. Italy - Telecom Italia refuses to disclose their call log to consumers on alleged privacy grounds and Privacy Authority opens proceedings

5. Content of Internet and audio-visual and information services

5.1. France - Criminal court asserts jurisdiction on hate speech from a US-based server
5.2. USA - Court recognises the right to unfiltered access to the Internet through public libraries

6. Convergence of audio-visual, publishing and telecommunications

6.1. USA - FCC fifth annual report on competition in video markets concludes that technological convergence has not yet occurred

7. Data protection

7.1. USA - Public interest organisations urge authorities to protect user privacy in electronic communications

8. Digital signatures

8.1. United Nations - UNCITRAL Draft Uniform Rules on Electronic Signatures released
8.2. Argentina - Secretary of Public Administration adopts standards for the Public Key Infrastructure

9. Electronic commerce

9.1. UK - Competitiveness White Paper considers e-commerce key driver in a knowledge driven economy
9.2. New Zealand - Governmental position paper released advising against modification of domain name status to protect electronic commerce
9.3. USA - Industry report on Government’s role in Internet electronic commerce issued in California

10. Intellectual property

10.1. France - Court rules that subsequent registration of a trade mark does not provide any right on domain name already assigned
10.2. New Zealand - Court rules that Internet registration authority is not liable for first-come, first served policy in cybersquatting case

11. Legal aspects of security and encryption

11.1. Finland - Government releases guidelines concerning the national cryptography policy and statements on the use of cryptographic products
11.2. Wassenaar Arrangement - Telecoms equipment excluded from export control lists but crypto remains critical
11.3. Canada - Government outlines national cryptography policy

12. Books, Web sites and Events

12.1. Books
12.2. Web sites
12.3. Events

13. Publisher, Editor and Contributors

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