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Table of Contents

1. From the Chairman of the Legal Advisory Board

2. Access to public sector information

2.1. Sweden - New initiative on Internet gateway to Stockholm Advanced Citizen Information Procedures

3. Computer crime

3.1. USA - Publisher of an Internet newsletter sentenced to one year in prison

4. Consumer protection in electronic commerce

4.1. Italy - Misleading advertising over the Internet falling under implementing provisions of Directive 84/450/EEC

5. Convergence of audio-visual, publishing and telecommunications

5.1. Mr Bangemann’s Geneva and Venice speeches
5.2. Germany - New "Teleservices" Law
5.3. Italy - New communications authority established having competence for media and telecoms
5.4. Australia - Open competition in converging digital environment
5.5. Japan - Deregulation in the info-communications market

6. Data protection

6.1. Greece - Data Protection Act
6.2. Italy - Privacy law amended

7. Digital signatures

7.1. Germany - Law on digital signatures approved
7.2. Malaysia - New law on digital signatures passed

8. Electronic democracy

8.1. United Kingdom - UK Citizens' Online Democracy (UKCOD)

9. Intellectual property

9.1. France - Court ruling on domain name grabbing
9.2. Greece - Copyright protection of "automated musical styles"
9.3. USA - Domain name administrator subject to antitrust scrutiny
9.4. USA - Linux trademark dispute settled

10. Legal aspects of security and encryption

10.1. USA - California court holds cryptography export controls unconstitutional
10.2. USA - White House approves amendments of Encryption Bill

11. Telecommunications

11.1. Belgium - Draft interconnection legislation
11.2. Finland - Telecommunications Market Act
11.3. Spain - Draft Telecommunications Law
11.4. WTO - Regulatory Principles of the WTO Negotiations on Basic Telecommunications

12. Books, Web sites and Events

12.1. Books
12.2. Web sites
12.3. Events

13. Publisher, Editor and Contributors

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