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Meeting the legal challenges of a European information market

1.The information market - the legal challenges

The creation of a European information market is of immense economic importance. The European Commission is fully committed to establish this market. A common and seamless information market will make information available in electronic digital form; and this information can be transmitted rapidly across great distances, copied and used in a different form. The European Commission is fully aware of the legal challenges of this highly dynamic information market. Issues such as intellectual property and access to information require legal consideration. Existing legal tools designed for a different age may not be appropriate and the development of the market may be hindered if the legal framework is not adapted to meet its requirements.

2.The Legal Advisory Board

In May 1985, the Commission established the Legal Advisory Board (LAB) with the task of increasing the awareness of these legal challenges and to submit ideas and recommendations to the Commission on eliminating disparities and aligning national legal provisions. The members of the LAB are experts invited in a personal capacity. Although they are not invited as representatives of their Member States, the Commission ensures that there are experts from all Member States. They are drawn from a variety of professional backgrounds: academic and practising lawyers, lawyers working for government departments and for commercial enterprises.

The LAB works at three levels:

The LAB concentrates its monitoring and advisory work on the following priority areas:

3. Further information

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