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December 1998

From January 1999, the principal WWW entry point for all HLT related information, news, downloads, links, events, discussion groups etc. etc. will be the newly launched HLTCentral the one-stop shop for HLT information. Visit HLTCentral now and see what the future holds for Language Technology. HLTCentral will be updated on a daily basis with breaking news related to HLT. The language Engineering site on I*M Europe will only be maintained infrequently, and will only contain static information. So, bookmarkHLTCentral or add it to your favourites now!

October 1998

Right now everything is new ! 
The entire set of Language Engineering Sector pages has been replaced. 
You may need some help to find your way around the new Language Engineering pages' structure.

 Just out is the Progress and Prospects 98 Report which may be downloaded from this site. The report contains all the new and updated EU Language Engineering Projects currently in progress. It also highlights the important market sectors where language engineering is expected to have a major impact in the new millenium.

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