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LE Language Engineering


From January 1999, the principal WWW entry point for all HLT related information, news, downloads, links, events, discussion groups etc. etc. will be the newly launched HLTCentral the one-stop shop for HLT information. Visit HLTCentral now and see what the future holds for Language Technology. HLTCentral will be updated on a daily basis with breaking news related to HLT. The language Engineering site on I*M Europe will only be maintained infrequently, and will only contain static information. So, bookmark HLTCentral or add it to your favourites now!


November 30 - December 2 
IST'98 - Living and Working in the Information Society 
Vienna, Austria

The first European conference and exhibition devoted to the Information Society technologies (IST'98) will take place at the Austria Center conference complex in Vienna, from 30 November- 2 December next.
The exhibition will feature some 60 projects chosen from among those established within the European ICT R&D programmes in the last few years, including the LE projects FACILE and VODIS. The conference is expected to attract up to 3000 delegates.
On Wednesday 2 December, after a plenary session devoted to the "launch" of the IST programme, a series of workshops will be devoted to themes deemed to be especially relevant for the upcoming programme. One such workshop (The Language of Business - The Business of Language) will address business opportunities and research challenges arising from language technologies and applications. The workshop will also serve the purpose of bringing together the Austrian research and industrial communities.

Click the The Language of Business-The Business of Language to display the provisional programme of the LT workshop, and the speakers' list.

For further information on the conference and exhibition see: www.cordis.lu/ist98/

November 14 - 18
CSCW '98 - Computer Supported Cooperative Work '98
Seattle, Washington, USA

ACM 1998 Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work 
URL: http://www.acm.org/sigchi/cscw98/

October 19 - 22 October
VOICE Europe '98
London, England

VOICE Europe Conference is the largest computer telephony (CT) event for industry professionals and end-users.
As part of this event the European Commission is sponsoring an evening seminar titled 'The Changing Face of Call Centres' on the evening of 21 October 98. The seminar will present the results of an in-depth study carried out for the DG XIII-E5 of the European Commission on the future of call centres.
The study will be presented by Jeremy Peckham, MD of Strategis Consulting, who is responsible for carrying out the study. The Final Report of the study will be published in these pages when it becomes available.
For more information on VOICE Europe 98 and the seminar visit URL: http://www.callvoice.com/ve98/menu0.html

October 7 - 9
SLIG '98 - Localisation - The Next Generation
Dublin, Ireland

SLIG '98 Conference will take place in the O'Reilly Hall of University College Dublin  (Belfield Campus). The conference will include the Software Localisation Interest Group AGM, an Exhibition, various workshops, panel sessions and a full conference agenda. For more information about the event see: 
URL: http://dylan.ucd.ie/SLIG/1998/SLIG98/index.html
At this event there will also be a 'LE Concertation Village' where a number of language engineering projects will be represented.

August 26 - 28 
LISA'98 - Localisation Industry Standards Association 
Madrid, Spain

LISA is the premier organisation for the localisation and internationalisation industry. For further information on LISA and its activities visit the LISA Web site . LISA '98 was held in Madrid and it attracted a high level of attendance.
LINGLINK ran a panel on the theme Tailoring Human Language Technologies to Business Requrements in the Information Society, with Reinhard Schaeler (LRC, Dublin), Ian Dunlop (Lotus, Dublin) and Antonio Sanfilippo (Anite, Luxembourg). Three presentations were given as part of this panel:
EC Funding and prospects in Human Language Technologies (Dr. Antonio Sanfilippo)

Multilinguality and Cultural Diversity in Multimedia and Digital Content Provision (Reinhard Schaeler)

Why does participation in EC projects make sense from a business point of view (Ian Dunlop)


August 10-14
Coling - ACL '98
Montréal, Canada

The 17th International Conference on Computational Linguistics , organised under the auspices of the International Committee on Computational Linguistics (ICCL) and the 36th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics (ACL'98), was combined into a single all-encompassing event: COLING-ACL '98 (conference program and other info available at http://coling-acl98.iro.umontreal.ca).

Anite Systems featured on a number of events, with Antonio Sanfilippo (LINGLINK) presenting a paper on Summarisation and Peter Phelan giving a joint talk with Paul Schmidt on behalf of the MELISSA consortium. Antonio Sanfilippo was also the co-chair for the panel on lexical semantic standards and the "Birds of a Feather Meeting" on EU-US cooperation for language engineering standards.

International cooperation was also the focus of the panel on funding agencies which included a talk by Roberto Cencioni (head of unit DGXIII-E5) who gave a preview of R&D activities in Human Language Technologies in the imminent Fifth Framework Programme of funding in the area of Multimedia Content and Tools, stressing opportunities for transatlantic collaboration.

August 4-8 
EURALEX - European Association for Lexicography
Liege, Belgium

Eighth EURALEX International Congress (European Association for Lexicography) University of Liege (Belgium)
URL: http://engdep1.philo.ulg.ac.be/euralex.htm

June 2
Export, Communication and Competitiveness
London, UK

Export, communication and competitiveness: an international business conference 
For further information on EC speakers: Business & Language


May 28-30
LREC '98 - First International Conference on Language Resources and Evaluation 
Granada, Spain

The first LREC was initiated by ELRA and hosted by the University of Granada. More details of the conference may be found at:http://ceres.ugr.es/~rubio/elra.html.

Three sessions of specific interest at the conference were:
  • Workshop on Translingual Information Management: Current Levels and Future Abilities. www.cs.vassar.edu/~ide/nsf.html 
  • Panel of the Funding Agencies 
  • EAGLES Panel on Lexical Semantics Standards For Information Systems

March 17-19
LE Forum '98
Mondorf, Luxembourg

Concertation and Review - Language Engineering Unit DG XIII-E5 
For further information on keynote speakers and presentations: Mondorf

February 4-7 
European Telematics Conference and Exhibition
Barcelona, Spain

The annual conference and exhibition of the Telematics Applications Programme of DG XIII was held in Barcelona. 

For further information on LE speakers and exhibitors see: Barcelona



November 24-26 
European IT Conference and Exhibition '97
Brussels, Belgium

Brussels Congress Centre 
Convergence: Creating the Future 
For further information on LE speakers and exhibitors: Eitc 97

September 22-25 
Eurospeech '97
Rhodes, Greece

The proceedings are available at http://www.wcl2.ee.upatras.gr/welcome.html 

For further information on LE speakers and exhibitors: Eurospeech 97

For more information about the Language Engineering Sector use the Feedback and Queries entry form or contact:

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