Expert Advisory Group on Language Engineering Standards


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Project Summary

The integration of natural language and speech processing into complex IT applications has been hampered by a lack of generic technologies and of large-scale language resources. Applications currently provided in the EU, mainly by SMEs, are slow to develop and costly to maintain due to the high costs associated with the large-scale language resources they require. Effort is duplicated and re-use is rare.All users and sectors of language technology stand to benefit from resources and applications produced according to EAGLES guidelines.

EAGLES has aimed to establish a set of co-ordinated expert groups to work towards pre-normative (de facto) standards. Some 100 research centres, industrial organisations, professional associations and research networks are involved in harmonisation of methods for the creation, description, representation, evaluation and assessment of linguistic resources and relevant associate technology in the fields of natural language and speech. EAGLES is primarily concerned with assessing existing methods and practices with the objective of producing recommendations as to best available practice.

Progress and results

Preliminary results are available, summarised in: "EAGLES Interim Report: Editors' Introduction" Nicoletta Calzolari and John McNaught, October 1994. This report and the EAGLES draft handbooks are available as postscript documents which can be accessed from the central 
EAGLES ftp server with user name and password: 'eagles'). As any harmonisation effort is based on broad consensus, EAGLES actively invites critical feedback from the community.

Start date December 1992 
Duration 36 months 
Total Effort Not quantifiable (much volunteer effort) 


EAGLES proposals are being tested in various EU projects and by various bodies, e.g. ELSNET and PAROLE.


Organisation Role Country
Consorzio Pisa Ricerche C IT
CST, Copenhagen P DK
Vocalis Ltd P UK
Instituto Cervantes P ES

Contact Details

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