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LE Language Engineering

Welcome to the homepage of the Language Engineering sector of the Telematics Applications Programme within the Fourth Framework. The aim of Language Engineering is to facilitate the use of telematics applications and to increase the possibilities for communication in and between European languages. RTD work focuses on pilot projects that integrate language technologies into information and communications applications and services. A key objective is to improve their ease of use and functionality and broaden their scope across different languages. 

+ What's New, News & Events
What's newNews from the LE sector and around the world, including events and exhibitions of LE applications and services, and market snippets.

+ Indexes & Guides
To help you find your way around this site, a map and indexes of projects,keywords and organisations participating in projects. There is also a guide to who's who in LE.

+ About Language Engineering
If you are unfamiliar with LE, you can read about the elements of language technology, its role in the information age and for you as a citizen. You can also learn how language technology is harnessing the power of language and the state of the art. The development of the LE sector under the 3rd and 4th frameworks is outlined in a shorthistory.

+ How to Participate
The 4th Language Engineering call for proposals was closed on 15/4/97.Information on this call is now available. Further information will be made available shortly. Whilst there is no current call for project proposals, there are a range ofother opportunities to participate, including a discussion of the role of human language technologies in the developing information society and within the 5th Framework Programme.

+ Research & Development
Ongoing RTD projects address a range of market opportunities;telebusinesspublic interest supporteducation and training,information services and international business support.

+ Resource Development
Language resources are an essential component of language enabled systems.Resource development projects within the sector work to develop terminology, corpora and lexicons, speech databases, semantic networks and the tools and documentation to use them.

+ Standardisation & Testing
To maintain a stable but evolving base for LE resources, applications and services, standardisation projects and actions build concensus and develop guidelines, tools and standards. An extensive network of companies, research centres, universities and professional bodies are collaborating as EAGLES, the advisory group on standards.

+ Infrastructure & Support
The sector's infrastructure is based on the work of, ELRA, the clearing house for language resources, EUROMAP, assessing supply and demand for LE and identifying new opportunities, and finally LINGLINK, promoting and supporting work within the sector.

+ Commission Documentation
Documentation on past calls for project proposals, the LE sector'sprogramme of work, a brief activity report for 1994-95, an in-depth review of progress and prospects (1995-7), and other European Union papers and reports.

+ Reports, Surveys, Products & Market
Commissioned reports, topical papers, and surveys related to LE. Additional information can be found on related sites.

For more information about the Language Engineering Sector use the Feedback and Queries entry form or contact:

    European Commission, DG XIII-E5, Office EUFO 0-176, Rue Alcide de Gasperi, Plateau du Kirchberg, L-2920 Luxembourg
    Fax: +352 4301 34999 Tel: +352 4301 32886
    Email: lepostmaster@lux.dg13.cec.be

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