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Information Market Europe WWW server is operated by DGXIII of the European Commission. It aims to serve the users at large with the latest EU information on the European markets for multimedia content and electronic information services. The server is the main outlet for four major EU programmes: INFO2000TelematicsTrans-European Telecommunications Networks and theEducational Multimedia Task Force . The server also acts as a gateway to TEDEURODICAUTOMI*M FORUM and I*M GUIDE

Directorate-General XIII of the European Commission (EC) is responsible for Telecommunications, Information Market and Exploitation of Research. DG XIII/E (Information industry and market, and language processing) is the Directorate responsible for the INFO2000 programme and for this server

For all queries and feedback please contact:

Tel.: (352) 40 11 62 463 
Fax.: (352) 40 11 62 234

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