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Multimedia Content Definition Phase Projects - Fact Sheets 
on Definition Phase projects 1997 -

Commission Decision on multimedia content development projects announced on 9 December

Following a call for proposals published on 21.6.1996 and the Commission decision of 9.12.1996, 80 projects were chosen for their potential to stimulate the production of high quality multimedia information content in the Information Society. These projects will receive support from 1.1.1997 to 30.6.1997 to complete their definition and develop a prototype or working model.

The following 80 projects in the below mentioned four categories have been selected to carry out a definition phase running from 1 January to 30 June 1997 following the call for proposals published on 21.6.1996.:


Reference Title Acronym

Economic exploitation of Europe's cultural heritage
1.007 The 1968 Revolution : an information resource for the Citizens of Europe MEDIA68
1.009 Art Restoration and Techniques Interactive Studio ARTIS
1.010 CDNET- updating CDs over a NETwork CDNET
1.013 Jewish Studies Resources European Public Collections JewNet
1.017 1648 - War and Peace in Europe KFE1648
1.021 Multimedia Access to European Musical Heritage MAEMH
1.027 Palais et Jardins d'Europe PMC
1.035 Multimedia Dictionary of Modern and Contemporary Century Architecture DA
1.037 Artweb Artweb
1.040 GREAT COMPOSERS - The multimedia reference on European classical music heritage GREATCOM
1.047 The Cultural Heritage and Archaeology Multimedia Project CHAMP
1.058 Cultural Heritage And Multilingual Programme Of Long-standing Legacy In Open Network CHAMPOLL
1.059 European Cities Multimedia Atlas ECMA
1.064 Les Croisades Index
1.065 European Culture : An History of Ideas SOPHIA
1.069 Concentration camps - a Nazi heritage in Europe CAMP
1.083 Animation New Generation Services ANGS
1.084 Broadcasting and Multimedia Bridge to the Internet BAMBI
1.087 Projet Multimedia Pour La Mise En Valeur Du Fonds des Manuscrits Cïteaux Cisterciens de la Bibliotheque Municipale de Dijon Citeaux
1.088 European FolkTales in the Information Age: from text to multimedia technology EFT
1.089 A Survey of the Links Between the Different Arts and Their Trends in an European Perspective ARTLINKS
1.112 Les objects d'Art en verre : plate-forme d'information et de commerce "on-line" ArtGlass
1.127 Découverte de la presse écrite ACTUAL
1.134 NAVEGAR - The great shipping discoveries, O tempo Português NAVEGAR
1.136 Story of European Emigration - A Multimedia Experience SEE-ME
1.155 Fountains Abbey fountain
1.167 Multimedia repository of Popular and historicAL competitIOns and folk-feasts in Europe PALIO
1.171 Bimillenary of Christ Bimillen
1.172 The Multimedia Codices of Leonardo da Vinci Multimed
1.175 ART NOUVEAU in Brussels and Vienna at the turn of the century ARNO
1.176 Ancient Greece: daily life, philosOphy and RituAls AGORA
1.187 Les Brulures de l'Histoire LBDH
1.192 A Journey Through the Deaf European World DeafHist
1.201 SOURCE VIVE, a plateforme for the sharing of knowledge Source vive
1.214 Cultural Heritage and Arts Information Network CHAIN

Business Services for firms, in particular SMEs
2.003 Agricultural Machinery Multimedia Catalogue Agrimach
2.004 Sviluppo Mulitmediale del Sistema Informativo per la prevenzione nei luoghi di Lavoro SIPREM
2.008 Multimedia Commentary and Communication Service on the CE mark CE Multi
2.012 ICC-Cert. Multimedia Instructional Programme in International Trade under Letters of Credit ICC-CERT
2.016 Creating Online Multimedia Presentations to Assist and Support SME's COMPASS
2.021 Kids'.TV Multimedia Information Network KIDS'.TV. MINE
2.025 Italian Creativity ITCR
2.029 Specifying Architectural BuiLding components across Europe SABLE
2.038 PRomotion of Multi- media by Open Training of Employees PROMOTE
2.041 Upholstered Furniture Ignition Resistance Database UFIGREDA
2.045 Electronic Image Safe Service EISS
2.053 Digital Industries Supply Chain On-line DISCO 20
2.060 Electronic Furniture Design and Marketing Agency eFDMA
2.062 Multimedia, Multi- lingual Business Information Services for SMEs of the European Textile Industry M2BIS-TEX
2.065 Multimedia European Multicultural Internet Financial Consulting & Diagnosing of SMEs PLEXUS
2.089 Timber WWW Information Guide TWIG
2.090 Second-Hand Machinery and Capital Goods Electronic Market place SecondHand Machine
2.092 Multilingual Sales Assistance for furniture in a multimedia WWW environment to Men Work guarantee health, design, and ecology MenWork
2.137 The Wild North - an adventure travel information service for the Nordic countries wildnorth

Geographic Information
3.003 Polar Perspectives Arctic2
3.004 Territorial Multimedia Information System on Industrial Areas TEMISIA.
3.005 Development of a European Multilingual Multimedia Information Service on GEOWEB - Geographical Information EUROPE
3.009 Alpine guide Italia- Deutschland-Austria AIDA
3.013 Archaeological Multimedia Data Management and Diffusion ARCHAEO- LOGIS
3.017 Europe On The Way : a Traveller Information Service on Internet Europe On the Way
3.019 Multimedia Application for Georeferenced Information on Culture MAGIC- TOURS
3.021 Daedalus Project - An other way to use the Internet DAEDALUS
3.035 Pathfinder towards the European Topographic Information Template PETIT
3.036 Time Of Proprietary Gis IS over TOPGIS
3.039 Natural Resources Application for Educational Purposes NATREP
3.041 European Spatial Metadata Infrastructure ESMI
3.046 Service d'images de synthese 3 D d'actualite 3DACTU- ALITE

Scientific, Technical and Medical Information
5.007 Optical Professional Trade and Individual Multimedia Information Service for Europe OPTIMISE
5.008 Scientific, Technical and Medical Information Net Application STAMINA
5.010 Multimedia Information Service on Advanced Surface Treatments SURFA
5.014 The BREast cancer interactive pathology Atlas Kit using off-line and on-line Information Technologies BREAKIT
5.015 Sobottaplus SobottaPlus
5.032 Water Savings for Small and Medium Sized Industrial Users WATER
5.033 Multilingual Multimedia Encyclopedia of Ecology in 2000's Europe ECO2000
5.035 Multimedia Building Dictionary BuilDIC
5.043 Weather Information Distribution Services WIND
5.044 European Internet Server for Hepato- Gastro-Enterology GASTRONE
5.050 World Electronic Book of Surgery WEBS
5.052 Contextual Information for Biological Conservation Conservation
5.053 Information Santé Multimédia ISM

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