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Multimedia Content Definition Phase Projects - Fact Sheets on Definition Phase projects 1997 -

INFMM 1021 Multimedia Access to European Musical Heritage


The aim of this project is the economical exploitation of European cultural heritage in the field of Opera, using on-line and off-line multimedia technologies. Opera represents a significant moment of high artistic production for European culture and it has played a very important social role since the XVI century. It involves several different forms of art: poetry, literature, music, choreography and scenography.

Therefore, it is a privileged subject to be explored by multimedia technologies. The project will define and implement a multimedia database (MDB), available via Internet to the general public, specialists and the multimedia industry. The MDB will gather relevant information on European Opera. Historical and architectural information on theatres will be collected, including virtual reconstruction’s, based on Virtual Reality technologies, photographs and videos. Operas will be documented collecting scores, librettos, recordings of interpretations, videos, performance documentation (costumes, scenes with sketches and photographs, artist biographies, bibliographies, discographies and historical information).

The multimedia database will be an innovative tool to disseminate and promote musical culture for the general public and will be a new resource for editorial production. Information in the database will be both public or private, subject to restricted access for professionals or to the payment of a fee to ensure the return of investment. For example: a non commercial access will be provided for a wide audience to generic information and data, with samples of their types, granularity and range; audio-on-demand experimental services; access by subscription to maintain up to date off-line products; low cost commercial services for specialists (musicologists and musicians) for the retrieval of sources and services for multimedia content industry.

Production of new off-line multimedia titles will be considered, interacting with the MDB: e.g. CD-ROM users will keep information up-to-date by linking dynamically to the MDB. Innovative access and retrieval methods will be adopted and explored: e.g. visual and sound browsing and search techniques, new experimental tools and equipment. The project will be subdivided into the definition phase and the implementation phase. The definition phase will produce a feasibility study and a demonstrator of the on-line multimedia database and an off-line by-product to verify and exemplify the dynamic interrelationship.

This project, by adopting state-of-the-art technologies and standard methodologies will demonstrate innovative access techniques for cultural multimedia information archives and will constitute a model for other European theatres or musical institutions, stimulating economic activity in this sector.


Eugenio BELLONI 
Fondation Pegase
Parlement européen, REM 
BE 1047 Bruxelles
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Email 100337.3403@compurserve.COM


Studio Carraro s.n.c. Palazzolo (BS) IT
BMG-Entertainment International Munich DE
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Ente Autonomo Teatro alla Scala Milano IT
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