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INFORMATION NOTE 5 November 1997

INFO2000 Programme, Commission Decision on the Implementation Phase for Multimedia Content Development Projects

Announced Today

On the 5th November the European Commission announced the formal results of the Implementation Phase evaluation of INFO2000 multimedia content projects.


As a result of the call for proposals launched under the INFO2000 Programme on 21 June 1996 to stimulate the development of a European multimedia content industry and to encourage the use of multimedia content in the emerging information society, 80 proposals for Definition Phase projects had been selected for initial EU support.

Definition Phase projects commenced on the 1st January 1997 for a six-month period. The Definition Phase contracts covered projects addressing the four sectors set out in the original INFO2000 call, namely:

Implementation Phase

From these eighty (80) projects, seventy four (74) proposals were submitted and presented to the Commission for evaluation as potential Implementation Phase projects in July 1997. As a result of the evaluation process twenty nine (29) projects were short listed. A total of 10.7 MECUs is the recommended funding for these 29 INFO2000 multimedia content development projects, during the Implementation Phase. The projects selected fell into the categories above as follows:

  • Economic exploitation of Europe's cultural heritage (13 projects)
  • Business service for firms, in particular SMEs (7 projects)
  • Geographic Information (5 projects)
  • Scientific, technical and Medical Information (4 projects)


Independent evaluators were asked to consider together with the Commission staff the overall merit of the proposals against the following headings:

  • Information content,
  • Market
  • Technology,
  • Finances,
  • Organisation, &
  • Strategic merit.

This evaluation showed that the standard and quality of proposals and demonstrations was high, compared with the original first phase proposal.

Content of Projects

Fifteen out of the eighteen European Economic Area countries participating in one or even more projects were France, Germany, Great Britain, Spain, Italy, Belgium, Austria, Greece, Switzerland, Ireland, Sweden, the Netherlands, Portugal and Norway. The various topics of the projects illustrate the far-reaching thematic possibilities the categories selected by the Commission offered. The table attached shows all projects selected for the Implementation Phase.

The category most represented by number of projects is that of “Economic exploitation of Europe's cultural heritage”. It shows historical themes that have a very actual relevance through multimedia. The project CHAMPOLLION is one such example (Cultural Heritage and Multilingual Programme of Long-standing Legacy in open Network). CHAMPOLLION aims to further the accessibility of collections of Egyptian objects in European museums for scholars, students and the interested public in different European languages. This occurs at the 75th anniversary of the discovery and exploration of the grave of Tut Ench Amun.

In the category “Business service for firms, in particular SMEs" the projects KIDS'.TV.MINE, (KIDS_TV Multimedia Information Network) is going to develop a multimedia based information and electronic commerce system of pan-European dimensions for the children's television industry .

ARCTIC2 (Polar Perspectives) is an interesting example of a project within the Geographic information sector. It is a multimedia project with a global multidisciplinary content, which will present the importance of polar issues to our future.

Scientific, technical and Medical Information includes projects such as the BREAKIT Project (Breast cancer pathology information kit using on-line and off-line information technologies). BREAKIT will address the Continuing Education and Quick Reference needs present in the medical community while dealing with breast cancer pathology, the early detection and classification for an effective and successful treatment and follow-up.

For Further Information

An annex of projects, which are supposed to receive Implementation phase funding, if the negotiation of contracts are successful, is attached, listing project names, countries participating and the project numbers. For further information on these projects the fact sheets, listed by project number can be seen on theI*M Europe server of the European Commission at:

Details on the INFO2000 Programme and future calls may be acquired from the INFO2000 Central Office, at the following address:

INFO2000 Central Office
European Commission, DGXIII/E
L-2920 Luxembourg,
Tel: +352 4011 6 2222
Fax: +352 4301 3 2847

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