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Multimedia Content Definition Phase Projects - Fact Sheets on Definition Phase projects 1997 -

INFMM 1040 GREAT COMPOSERS - The multimedia reference on 
European classical music heritage


"Great Composers" is aimed at introducing European Classical Music heritage to the public. In a pan-European perspective, "Great Composers" covers from less famous, country specific musicians and movements to the well-known composers. through the life and work, as well as through a presentation of their time your are living with those great creators. Additional themes covered include famous places for music and festivals, instruments, opera houses, concert halls, and orchestras.

Topics - The information is accessible in many different ways: historical (time line), geographical (map of Europe), topical (movements, types of music for instance opera, ballet, folk ..., etc.), user-defined multiple criteria search, as well as user-designed path and computer generated random access. a glossary of music related terms is available, along with a complete reference database on the composers, including bibliographies and discographies.

Quizzes specially designed to suit different ages and levels of knowledge allow the users to test their knowledge and challenge each other.

CD-ROM and Web site - "Great Composers" is not only a CD-ROM but also a web site. This CD-ROM is linked to an Internet WWW "Great Composers" site. This dedicated site provides users with musical news, information on concerts, special events and festivals, exchange forum capacities as well as links to other subject-related sites.

Multi lingual - "Great Composers" is produced in a multi lingual format. First release languages are English, German and French. Adequate technical design ensures easy translation to other European languages. Additional features of "Great Composers" include printing and saving functions.

For disabled users - All the information in the product is accessible for disabled users, with specific interfaces selected at program start, for instance using devices alternative to the mouse, bigger display, Braille keyboard, audio files guiding users through the program.


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