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for strategic projects to stimulate the development and use of multimedia information content - exploiting content resources in the public sector 
(97/C 381/13)

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In the framework of the Council Decision of 20 May 1996 (OJ L 129/24 of 30.5.1996) adopting a multi-annual Community programme to stimulate the development of a European multimedia content industry and to encourage the use of multimedia content in the emerging information society (INFO2000), the European Commission invites proposals for strategic projects with the following aim:
To make more readily available the information resources held by the public sector for exploitation in European multimedia content services.

The projects should focus on specific types of information that have high value for Europe's business, industry, research and citizens. Relevant resources are principally those held by the public sector at regional; national and transnational levels; where appropriate, however, projects will also integrate data from other sources in the private sector. A core activity of projects will be to establish public-private partnerships covering as many as possible of the countries of the European Economic Area, where data holders are allied with organisations, particularly those in the private sector, competent to add value and facilitate the pan-European exploitation of the resources concerned. The end objective shall be to make comprehensive European information accessible for multimedia exploitation in commercial and other applications and an important part of the work will focus on the creation of inventories and directories to facilitate such access. It will also be generally necessary to set up adequate systems for integrating data across national boundaries and, where relevant, across neighbouring subject areas. End-user applications and prototypes may be developed, in the course of the projects, to demonstrate strategies for multimedia delivery taking account of potential user needs, current research and technological development, and integration into systems for electronic commerce. Therefore, proposals with substantial involvement of the the content industry, in particular SMEs, will be welcome.

In order to stimulate the exchange of information between organisations competent to collaborate in such projects, the Commission is making available on its Internet site:, a space where potential initiatives may be sketched out. Organisations that possess or have access to relevant information resources of significant size or extent are invited to consult this page and submit any commentaries or suggestions for projects.

Examples of public sector information qualifying for attention under this call are: geographic information, both topographical and thematic; statistical information; environmental, consumer and public health information; employment and social information, regulations and administrative dispositions, standards, scientific and technical data, public archives, information on the activities and organisation of public administrations. Projects will be expected to take full account of and contribute where possible to existing national and European initiatives in the relevant subject areas.

Community financial support is based on actual costs incurred, normally labour costs and travel costs over a two-year work period. The support will be calculated at up to 50% of those costs and may be up to 500.000 ECU per project. The Community financial contribution under the present programme may not be cumulated with a payment from any other European Community programme or source for the same project. An indicative budget for the support of actions resulting from this call is 7.000.000 ECU.

This call for proposals is open to consortia of entities from both Public and Private sectors, within the European Economic Area (EEA) [1]. All projects must be transnational in scope and include cooperation between independent partners across national borders.

Further information on this call and the conditions for submitting proposals may be obtained from the following address:

INFO2000 Central Office,
European Commission
L - 2920 Luxembourg
Fax (352) 40 116 2234 

This documentation may also be obtained by access to the WorldWideWeb server I*M Europe at URL

All proposals responding to this call must be addressed to the Commission at the address indicated in this notice and sent by registered post or by courrier service by 17.00 on 17 April 1998 at the latest, the postmark or receipt by post office or courrier service being proof of time of dispatch. Proposals may also be delivered to one of the Commission's offices within the Community by the same date.

[1] The EEA comprises the 15 Member States of the European Union and Norway, Iceland and Liechtenstein

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