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Proposal Reference: 4050

Music On Demand - A European interactive music information and delivery service

Acronym: MODE

Participants /Country

Fraunhofer Institut für Ingegrierte Schaltungen (DE)
ACE Records (GB)
Repertoire Informationcentrum Muziek (NL)
Sociedad General de Autores de Espana (ES)
Albanet Ltd (GB)
Skyrr (IS)

Contact: SYGNA A/S

Dagfinn Bach
Project director
Postboks 191
N- 5801 Sogndal

Tel: + 47 57 67 60 00
Fax: + 47 57 67 61 90

Summary of Project:

The objective of the project is to develop, test, evaluate and implement a viable commercial service for the promotion of the European music industry. Access will be provided to a telematic service targeted at both private consumers and the 50 000 SMEs of the music industry. The service will comprise electronic ordering, purchasing and delivery of both recorded and printed music covering a broad spectrum of music. The content of the service will be delivered by independent record companies and international companies associated with the International Federation of Phonographic Industry (IFPI). The project will be divided into three main phases, the development phase, the validation phase and the exploitation phase. In the development and validation phases focus will be on developing and implementing a service for recorded music. Printed music will be implemented at a later stage.

The implementation of EDI, EuroISDN, Interactive TV, Internet/WWW and MPEG compression of audio can be combined to form unique opportunities for teleshopping and telepublishing of music. By gathering key institutions from the phonographic industries, the music publishing industries, copyright organisations and specialised information and research institutions, the projet aims to increase public access to music products and information and reduce the time span between ordering music and its delivery.

The proposed service consists of three systems:

1. Information retrieval, i.e. access to existing information sources;

2. Transactional/copyright agreement system;

3. User system, i. e. interfaces for various user groups, including tailored terminals for telepublishing and delivery of hard copies, and PC or TV-set for teleshopping.

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