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Proposal Reference: 4027

A telematics service providing technical information about materials and works in the building sector

Acronym: BISNET

Participants /Country

DEI Tipografia del Genio Civile (IT)
A&C 2000 S.r.l. (IT)
Centro Servizi Quasco (IT)
WEKA Baufachverlage GmbH (DE)
ARGE Holzbau (AT)

Contact: DEI Tipografia del Genio Civile

Mr Giuseppe Rufo
Editorial and Marketing Director
Via Nomentana, 16
I - 00161 ROMA

Tel: +39.6.4402046
Fax: +39.6.4403307

Summary of Project:

The BISNET project aims to offer on-line technical information in the field of construction, maintenance, renovation and restoration of buildings. Its main objective is to overcome all technical language barriers by means of classification plans and identification codes which thoroughly define standard characteristics and performance of materials, components and measured works throughout the E.U.

BISNET is mainly addressed to the building sector in its entirety: public administrations, building companies, especially SME, professionals and material suppliers. For this reason the available data will include national regulations, cross-references for terminology and product performance, prices. The definition of reference standards (characteristics and quality) for materials, components and works will improve the mechanisms of communication, co-operation among operators, public market transparency and participation of contractors to tenders all over the E.U. countries; it will also facilitate the activities of consulting companies throughout the Community. In order to set-up the service a network of specialised databases will be created in the participating countries: Italy and Germany will be the first two nodes. The BISNET telematic service will allow remote and interactive access to these databases from any European country by means of a personal computer connected to public and private networks (Telephone, PSDN, Internet, ISDN,..).

Finally in this way it will be possible to provide all European operators with an easy and low-cost telematic access to the up-dated information they need to be able to act across the E.U.

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