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Final Evaluation Committee (FEC)
for the IMPACT 2 programme 1 - 4
Executive Summary



Appendix 1

Appendix 2

Appendix 3

Appendix 4

Appendix 5

Appendix 1

Final Evaluation Committee panel members

Mr Brian Blunden, Chief Executive, IEPRC, UK, Chairman of the panel

Mr Rolf Kat, Director, Business Development and Analysis, VNU, Netherlands

Mr René Mayer, Président de section honoraire, Conseil Général des Ponts et Chaussées, France

Dipl-Kfm Franz G Mösl, Unternehmensberatung, Germany

Mr José João Campos Rodrigues, Director, Challenge, Portugal

Mr Mogens Rasmussen, Managing Director, Sarbaek A/S, Denmark, Secretary

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Appendix 2

IMPACT 2 Actions to be considered for evaluation

The elements of the programme subject to the final evaluation are:

Action Line 1: improving the understanding of the market

Action Line 2: overcoming legal and administrative barriers

Action Line 3: increasing user-friendliness and improving information literacy

Application of norms and standards

Awareness, user support, training

Action Line 4: strategic information initiatives

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Appendix 3

LAB dissemination activities

1The reinforcement of the expertise and documentary resource acquired by the Commission with the help of the LAB


LAB meetings

11 - 12 March 1992

Audiotex and videotex issues

1 - 2 July 1992

Legal protection of databases directive

5 November 1992

Proof value of computer documents

4 March 1993

Workshop on public/private sectors synergy in the information market

31 March 1993

Information security legal issues

29 - 30 April 1993

Liability issues related to information services

27 - 28 October 1993

Guidelines for cross border control of audiotex and videotex services in Europe

26 January 1994

Consumer protection and the new information technologies

6 June 1994


27 - 28 October 1994

LAB conference on legal aspects of multimedia and GIS

26 April 1995

The Information Society: copyright and multimedia

26 - 27 June 1995

Workshop on access to and exploitation of public sector information

20 September 1995

Commercial and citizens’ access to publicly-held information

20 - 21 November 1995 (planned)

Legal issues of telematics programme

Other meetings

28 - 29 November 1994

Conference on legal aspects of information services and intellectual property rights in central and eastern Europe

December 1994 and February 1995

LAB brainstorming meeting on convergence



LAB documents

see LAB brochure

Publication of studies:


B Hugenholtz and D Visser, ‘Copyright problems of electronic delivery: a comparative analysis’, EUR 16056 (EN)

C Clark, ‘Current practices in copyright clearance’, EUR 16067 (EN)

M Vivant, ‘L’incidence sur le multimédia de l’harmonisation communautaire en matière de droit d’auteur’, EUR 16068 (FR)

Th Hoeren, ‘Long term solutions for copyright and multimedia products’, EUR 16069 (EN)

G Vercken: Practical guide to copyright for multimedia producers, EUR 16128 (FR and EN)

Data protection

Simitis, Schwartz, Reidenberg, ‘Study of American personal data protection law’

Estadella-Yuste, Kabel, ‘Law and practice on data protection with regard to mailing lists, credit reference and some other professonal information services’

Privacy and Law Business, ‘Study on the practical measures taken by private and public sector bodies in order to fulfil the obligations imposed by national data protection legislations’

2The strengthening of the cooperation between the EU and the Council of Europe

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Participation in meetings

Data protection

Consultative Committee of Convention 108 on data protection

Project Group on data protection

Working groups

Legal data processing

Committee of experts on legal data processing

Computer related crime

Committee of experts on legal data processing

Joint actions

Model contract clauses ensuring equivalent data protection


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Data protection

General directive on data protection (directive adopted on 24 July 1995): DGXIII-E, co-chef de file

Directive on data protectino in the context of the ISDN: DGXIII-E associate

Drafting of guidelines implementing data protection principles within Commission’s services: DGXIII-E associate

Intellectual property rights

Directive on legal protection of databases (common position adopted on 10 July 1995): DGXIIII-E associate

Drafting of the Green Paper on IPR in the Information Society (issued on 19 July 1995): DGXIII-E associate

Telematics programme

LAB: focal point for regulatory and legal issues

4Active policy of dissemination

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LAB brochure


LAB on the World Wide Web


Database on personal data protection and intellectual property laws, jurisprudence and literature

Project being accomplished by Nomos-Verlag and Infopartners

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Appendix 4

List of publications related to norms and standards

Open Information Interchange

OII - Terms of reference study, June 1991

IMSTAND: OII study on image/graphics standards, June 1993

Proceedings: Workshop on hypermedia and hypertext standards, July 1993

REFMOD: Study on the feasibility of an OII reference model for information encoding, September 1993

REFMOD: Study on the feasibility of an OII reference model for information encoding Background Material, October 1993

Character codes in SGML, 1995

OII standards list, March 1995

Activity reports on multimedia and hypermedia standards activity, September 1994 - June 1995

OII standards and specifications list, July 1995


The quality of information and services, January 1994

The quality assurance of information products and services, March 1994

Proceedings: Workshop: Specifying and measuring the quality of information products and services, June 1994

EUSIDIC: Specifying and measuring the quality of information products and services. Executive summary, conclusions and further work, December 1994

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Appendix 5

International Co-operation

Information Market content in Copernicus projects




Copernicus project nr 1420


The creation and maintenance of a directory of firms, universities, research and development centres, and individuals which are key resources in telecommunications and computer science in Central and Eastern Europe.


Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Télécommunications de Bretagne, The Franco-Polish School of New Information and Telecommunication Technologies of Poznan and universities in St. Petersburg, Sofia, Vilnius, Zilina, Riga, Budapest, Prague, Lviv and Bucarest.



Copernicus project nr 1454


The application of advanced telecommunication services via satellite. The partners will develop and use information delivery services and advanced information services based on already existing satellite and Internet technology.


GMD and Produtec, Germany, Russian Academy of Sciences, University of Bucharest, Nerisina, Lithuania and Slovak Technical University.



Copernicus project nr 1144


Transfer of technological know-how in the establishment and running of tourism databases.


Fédération Internationale Automobile and GIS, France and the Czech and Polish tourist authorities and automobile clubs.

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Copernicus project nr 1249


Through HyNet there will be developed a net-worked Multilingual Hypermedia Database. One application will be for selected parts of the Hungarian legal system, one for Romanian company databases and one for ISO quality standards.


ARS Edizione and IT-Software, Italy, the Italian-Romanian Chamber of Commerce, Bucharest, and ML Consulting, Budapest



Copernicus project nr 629


To develop the strategy for and set up centres for Electronic Data Interchange - EDI - in Lithuania and Slovenia, on the basis of Italian and UK experience.


Studio Maltempi, Italy, Cornis, UK, Strauja, Lithuania and Kaunas and Ljubjana Universities



Copernicus project nr 97


The objective of this project is to plan, streamline and selectively apply a Eurostat type of an database structure with advanced electronic and communication media in the involved Central European and Eastern European countries.


A net of GSI companies in Greece, Germany, the Czech Republic, Hungary, Pland, Slovakia, Russia and Romania, with Epsilon Athens as the coordinator.

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