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Luxembourg, 1995.03.24


EIIA publishes a Legal Guide for Information Service Providers and Users

Electronic Information provision is, although a specialized area, often covered by a range of laws, legislation and rules. These were originally designed and passed for other purposes, but cover the information sector, in the same way as any other business sector. Additionally, Member States have passed laws and legislation explicitly covering electronic information provision, and the European Union has adopted (or proposed) legislation, e.g. concerning software, data security and privacy, and legal protection of databases.

For the information provider and the information user, who may not be legal experts, it is often difficult to get an overview of these aspects, i.e. which legislation to apply where, and understanding the implications for his/her business of the various proposals/directives and comparing these with national law. With the expansion of electronic information trade and the proliferation of new products/services aimed at new target groups, there is a need for a "legal reference guide":

This is exactly what EIIA has developed, with financial support from the European Commission's within the framework of theDirectorate-General XIII, within the framework of Legal Advisory Board

The guide itself is in no way exhaustive, but seeks to give an overview of the legal aspects, by the help of which information service providers and users will understand the general and "normal" legal situation, and will be able to identify the "legal risks".

The guide has been developed with a "question and answer" structure according to typical functions in electronic information provision. This enables readers who do not necessarily want to study the entire guide, to identify questions relevant to them and then to proceed directly to the answer(s). Furthermore, the guide also contains a list of laws and legislation referred to, starting with relevant European Council directives and related European Commission documents, then followed by a country by country section covering the European Economic Area.

The guide is published in English, but will within the next 4-5 weeks also be available in French, German and Italian.

Thanks to the Commission's financial support, the first 1,000 copies of the guide areavailable free of charge.

Click here to download the Postscript and/or RTF version of the document.

For further information, please contact the EIIA secretariat:

BP 262 
Phone: +352 34981 420
Fax: +352 34981 234

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