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The development and implementation of an effective Information Society cannot be carried out in isolation. 

Innovative research and development projects need objective validation and support from relevant outside agencies to produce effective and practical results. In order to assist the various project consortia to achieve their goals and bring the results of their projects to a wider audience, Information Engineering provides a number of support issues capable of addressing pilot concertation, best practice, awareness and dissemination. The growing potential for such support services has been recognised in Information Engineering's overall workplan. Projects: Description:
IE 2013 - BASELINE Baseline Data for User Validation in Information Engineering
IE 8006 - IESERV2 Information Engineering Support Services Project
IE 2016 - INUSE Information Enginneering Usability Support Centres
IE 8038 - UPI User Validation Best Practice Manual for Information Engineering

This allows for the establishment of academic panels, a research centres network, a global issues forum, user support networks, exploratory actions, consensus building, usability test facilities and actions on standards and international cooperation. Information Engineering always emphasises the importance of involving real users in real working environments to develop new products and services. The work of these support actions help ensure that all projects have the appropriate infrastructure and support to achieve this.

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