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During 1995 the Information Engineering group, in DG XIII of the European Commission, commissioned a number of studies:
  • El PUB101 : EC-wide high capacity infrastructure
  • ELPUB104 : Telepublishing projects
  • ELPUB105 : Usability study. A handbook for practical usability engineering in IE projects
  • ELPUB106 : Study on Non-Textbased Information Retrieval - State of the Art
  • ELPUB2001 : Identification of influential technologies, impact assessment and recommendations for action

Other Studies


Title: ELPUB 101: EC-wide high capacity infrastructure, August 1995
Description: A study of the telecommunications infrastructure in European Community countries suitable for electronic publishing projects. The study was carried out by OVUM Ltd. and Fischer & Lorentz.
Download: (PC zipped Word 6 files, 398K)


Title: ElPUB 104: Telepublishing projects, September 1995
Description: A review of existing telepublishing projects and a set of interviews with experts on the subject, carried out by TFPL..
Download: (PC zipped Word 6 files, 194K)


Title: ELPUB 105: Usability study. A handbook for Practical Usability Engineering in IE projects, September 1995
Description: A handbook for carrying out usability validation in information engineering projects. The handbook is intended as a resource and contains basic information on usability, comparisons of methods available, forms for use in starting usability evaluation, and contact points for the methods. The study was carried out by Acit.
Download: (PC zipped Word 6 and Excel files, 180K)


Title: ELPUB106: Study on Non-Textbased Information Retrieval - State of the Art
Description: This study will review the current "State of Art" and "Best Practice" in the retrieval of non-text based electronic information. This will cover areas such as images, graphics, animation, movies and the whole range of other non-text based information. Information Engineering projects are being considered under preparatory actions for the Fourth Framework research and technical development programme. The study will indicate those methodologies which are most capable of being effectively integrated into the application pilot projects of the Information Engineering Initiative.
Download: (PC zipped Word 6 files, 89K)


Title: ELPUB 2001: Identification of influential Technologies, Impact Assessment and Recommendations for Action
Description: This study will review the new and emerging technologies which are likely to have an impact in the area of Information Engineering within the period 1995 to 2001. It will forecast the interaction of those technologies and evaluate the probable competitive position of European industry to exploit the potential.
Download: (PC zipped Word 6 files, 361K)


Other studies:


Title: Information Engineering activities, priorities and perspectives in Germany and in the further countries in the European Economic Area
Description: This report considers in detail the role of Information Engineering in the development of the publishing industry throughout Europe. By providing a detailed evaluation of the requirements for R&D in Germany and the support given to this through local government initiatives, the author provides insights into requirements for funding by European supported sectors such as Information Engineering.
Download: (English, PC zipped, 166K) (German, PC zipped, 167K)

 bred_en.pdf (English, PDF document, 428K)

 bred_de.pdf (German, PDF document, 466K)



Title: Interactive Digital Media: The Impact of Technology to 2003
Description: The study provides an "impact assessment" of digital media, through evaluation of the significant base and application technologies which will shape the development of the media industry over the next five years. This work provides input into planning for the 5th RTD Framework Programme.
Download: (English, PC zipped, 239K)

 elpub203.pdf (English, PDF, 479K)



Title: The content challenge: Electronic publishing and the new Content Industries
Description: This report addresses the key competencies required by researchers and developers working in information engineering. It takes as its starting point the requirement for a new breed of professional in the media industries, capable of adding value to traditional content through the use of advanced technologies in its production, storage and delivery.
Download: (English, PC zipped, 151K)

 contch.pdf (English, PDF document, 254K)



Title: Electronic publishing in Europe : Competitiveness, Employment and Skills
Description: This report gives a up-to-date picture of the electronic publishing sector in Europe, assessing it with regard to:
  • worldwide competitiveness;
  • it's current and potential for employment;
  • the skills and training required by players in the industry.

Using statistics and studies from established sources, the report bases its findings on four of the top five countries with employees in the electronic 
publishing sector: France, Germany, Spain and the UK.

Download: (English, PC zipped, 274K)


Title: The future of Content
Description: The report addresses the challenges faced by:
  • Creators/authors of content, Publishers,
  • Collection Holders,
  • Intermediaries the Technologists,
  • and Users (as professional users and as private citizens),

in the development and use of digital content.

Download: (English, PC zipped, 792K)

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