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One of the promises of the Information Society is universal access to the Information Superhighway, embodied today within the global Internet. 

This Information Superhighway or Infobahn will create a single computing and communicating global village with access to every conceivable form of information from daily news to daily gossip, technical, financial and statistical information, academic research and even access to online entertainment.The Internet has become the common term for a global network of networks originally made up of academic, research, military and government users. Over the years the Internet has grown to include commercial sites and services and currently has more users than the population of seven of the European Community's 15 member states in over 50 countries. Projects: Description:
IE 8043 - EXTRAMINT Extranet, Mulitcast Intranet
IE 8036 - MIRAGE Combined Multimedia Development Environment for TV, Radio and On-line Production and Delivery
IE 8001 - PROMIS Portable Reception of Multimedia Information Network

By the year 2000, the Internet in Europe will grow from 9million users to 35million users and global use will grow from 45million to 250million in the same period. Already in the United States, more email messages are sent than traditional postal mail messages and online services such as banking and e-commerce are two of the fastest growth sectors in the emerging Information Society.

By the millennium, online revenue will top $30billion, advertising expenditure will exceed $2billion and the electronic sale of tangible goods will reach $4.75billion. Both online electronic publishing and commercial services now encompass a wide brief ranging from ventures such as up-to-the-minute feeds from financial markets to specialised closed or internal company services provided via intranets. Multimedia CD-ROMs are now being developed in 'hybrid' form to work in conjunction with the Internet and other online services to provide instantly updatable information.

Generally, the growth and potential of online systems and services is almost exponential. The development of core fundamental technologies which increase access and opportunity in this market plus an increased openness both inside Europe's borders and globally, is being encouraged by the European Commission to promote and transform Europe into a digital seedbed of cultural and economic prosperity that will blossom throughout the next century.

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