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Information has become one of the most precious assets in today’s global economy and collecting, managing and distributing information offers a whole new range of business opportunities. But businesses of all shapes and sizes waste a lot of time and effort reinventing information rather than retrieving it. 

And although increasingly high levels of information are required in order to keep up with customers and competitors,many users feel that they now have too many sources of information and have a major difficulty in knowing exactly where to look for the specific information they need. As the demand for multimedia information continues to grow, there is also a parallel growth in the need for better tools and methods to access and manage this information. Projects: Description:
IE 8011 - EUROGATHERER Personalised Information Gathering System
IE 8040 - INFOMALL Full-Cycle Information Mall Project
IE 8041 - PAIR Process Oriented Agent Based Information Retrieval

But despite all the work over the past years, managing, classifying and retrieving digital content remains a major problem. Sophisticated multimedia search and specified retrieval from vast local or networked databases is still in its infancy. Linking such content and effective searching are therefore essential tools and technologies to be developed. Meeting the expectations and needs of digital consumers is becoming even more important as information over-load threatens to overwhelm those whom it could most help. The European Commission believes there must be adequate support available for all potential users who have not yet acquired a special competence or do not have adequate tools for accessing and filtering information and that we all need better information, not just more.

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