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In addition to the projects that are currently running, a number of projects have been completed during the period 1994-1997. Most of these projects tested the viability of pilot applications and were built around identified user requirements including potential future market opportunities in real-world situations.
Projects: Description:
IE121- EDICHOLA Multimedia technologies for electronic Newspaper
IE132 - MATOT Multimedia aided transfer of technology
IE158 Multimedia broking: the development of the intermediary function for multimedia applications
IE184 - CMIS TECHDOS Corporate multimedia information systems technical documentation
IE214 - SIMPLE Study of an integrated multimedia electronic publishing environment
IE237 Music and multimedia publishing
IE410 Telematics and services for the advertising industry
IE443 Dynamic publishing with multimedia: information engineering in risk communication
IE478 - IMC Interactive Multimedia Catalogue
IE516 - OCTOPUS On-line commercial technical open publishing service
IE745 - VPL Virtual Project Library
IE 749 - TEEMIS Towards a European electronic medical information service
IE 750 - STAMPEDE Scientific Technical and Medical Publishing for Electronic Delivery
IE 751 - FAMPUB Electronic Publishing - multimedia consumer periodicals
IE 789 - PIMMS Process Industries multimedia systems
IE 811 - IECASE Information engineering concepts applied to software engineering
IE 2025 - IDEA Innovative document engineering applications
IE 2016 - MEDFORM Multimedia publishing information engine
IE 2059 - MIMOSA Multimedia information management optimisation and synthesis assistance
IE 2054 - OMIMO Online multimedia information for maintenance and operation
IE 2003 - PRONET Product Information system for business networks
IE 2012 - EUROIEMASTER European Education and Training Qualificaion in Information Engineering

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