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In an Information Society, doing business digitally involves both products and services and encompasses many diverse activities both in the business-to-business market and in the business-to-consumer market. 

The market for business and professional information is expected to reach $70 billion by 2002. Digital media and telecommunications technologies are rapidly becoming the life-blood of nearly every business, manufacturing or commercial sector. Globalisation and the high rate of obsolescence has lead to the demand for systems that can cut down on time to market and saving in time has replaced saving in cost as the driving force in the investment in new computer-based systems.

In the Information Society, there will be an increasing need for systems that can enable widely dispersed workers to co-operate on a single project to speed up the production cycle to satisfy expanding and competitive markets. And one of the Commission's main tasks is to support and encourage the development of tools and technologies that ensure that Europe can lead the world in the creation of systems that actually cut time to market.To focus on customer excellence and improve productivity, industry needs information management and thinking that takes account of differences in corporate culture across the global professional information world.

Projects: Description:
IE 2037 - GEOMED Geographical Mediation System
IE 8030 - GISEDI Electronic Trade for Geographical Information
IE 8046 - HYPDOC Hypermedia Publishing and Co-operation
IE 2075 - MAF Multimedia Applications in Furniture
IE 2069 - MAGICA Multimedia Agent-Based Interactive Catalogues
IE 2101 - MAID Multimedia Assets for Industrial Design
IE 2081 - MBLN Multimedia As Business Option for Local Newspapers
IE 8028 - NESSTAR Networked Social Science Tools and Resources
IE 8003 - PROCAT-GEN Product Catalogues in the Global Engineering Network
IE 2108 - TWENTY-ONE Multimedia Information Transaction and Dissemination Tool
IE 2007 - WATIS Work and Training Information System

Within the business, manufacturing and commercial sectors, the Commission aims to ensure a greater audience for products, services and tools which maximise creativity, the cross-fertilisation of ideas and the propagation of robust best practice techniques.

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