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Action plan on promoting safer use of the Internet

Preparatory action 4 - awareness actions

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Technical specifications

The proposed action plan will give encouragement to awareness actions carried out in Member States, and seek to ensure that all such actions benefit from experience gained elsewhere. The selected contractor should analyse various distribution channels and make recommendations as to the feasibility of full-scale actions in Member States.

In order to do so, the contractor will:

  • Assess the merits and drawbacks of content and means of delivery of awareness actions
  • Examine existing initiatives, and identify "best practice"
  • Initiate a number of small-scale pilot projects (e.g. seminars for teachers and parents, a leaflet to be provided with new computers (building on work already done in this field), stickers & mouse mats, a multi-lingual Web site) in consultation with bodies active in the field. Practical tests should be organised with small groups of representative users (parents, teachers and children) in 6 Member States representing a variety of population size, levels of Internet use and geographic location. The contractor must take into account the cultural and linguistic diversity of Europe.

PREP-ACT 4 - Contractors

ChildNet International
Studio 14
Brockley Cross Business Centre
96 Endwell Road
contact: Nigel Williams
tel: +44 171 639 6967 
fax: +44 171 639 7027

in association with:

Fleishman Hillard
25, Wellington Street
Covent Garden
London WC2E 7DA
Telephone +44 171 306 9000
Fax +44 171 497 0096

Contact Kate Wright 
e-mail :

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