Telecommunications, information market and exploitation of research
The Director General

Luxembourg, 19.08.1998

Dear ECHO client,

This letter is to inform you officially about the fact that ECHO will be closed down with effect of 1 October 1998.

ECHO was operated as an awareness instrument under a series of EU programmes in order to stimulate the use of information services. Since 1996 ECHO was part of the INFO2000 programme for the development of the European multimedia content market. The success of ECHO with now nearly 40.000 registered clients confirms the important role it has played over the years in addressing in particular first-time users. With the recent developments of the market and the technology the mission of ECHO can now be considered as completed. Therefore DG XIII will concentrate its efforts on the further development of the services provided by the web server I*M Europe.

The situation of the various ECHO databases after 30 September 1998 is described below:

1. TED

This database will remain on the current ECHO infrastructure, at least until the first quarter of 1999. There will therefore be no changes in what concerns the customers. Operations (online, licenses, and TED-Alert) will continue under the responsibility. of the Office for Official Publications (EUR-OP), that will also take over the daily management of the ECHO infrastructure All customer contact points remain the same as before.

For general information on TED see: or or contact

Access to TED currently remains against payment (until the end of 1998) via EUR-OP's gateways, or as a flat fee subscription from EUR-OP's other sales networks.

For a full address list see or contact EUR-OP (OP/A4 - On-line) through fax +352 2929 42025.

2. I*M Guide/I*M Forum

These databases are an integral part of the INFO2000 programme and we will continue at least for the duration of the INFO2000 programme to provide access via a www interface. Other access methods (X.25, dial-up and ISDN) will be withdrawn as from 1. October onwards.


This database is produced by the Translation Service of the European Commission. For the time being DG XIII will continue to make available EURODICAUTOM under the MLIS programme (Multilingual Information Society). Like for the other remaining databases access will be possible through a web interface on I*M Europe. Other access methods (X.25, dial-up, ISDN) will be withdrawn as from 1. October onwards.

4. Other ECHO databases and services

All other ECHO services will be discontinued with effect of 1 October 1998.

Through the I*M Europe web server we will make sure that we will continue, at least for the duration of the INFO2000 programme to provide access to all relevant information about EU initiatives in the area of multimedia content developments.

Yours sincerely,

Robert Verrue

Download the letter regarding the closure of ECHO (PDF)

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