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Your guide to the European market of information services and products

In the framework of the INFO2000 Programme, the I*M Guide on the I*M Europe Server is a European Commission service which helps private and professional users of electronic information services find their way through the maze of electronic products and information services, professional directories and catalogues, databases/ CD-ROM/ multimedia producers and distributors, gateways, information brokers, service providers, professional associations, European publishers, host organisations, as well as information services of national, European and international organisations. I*M-Guide allows organisations to register their products and services directly in the Web application.
At the beginning of this year, more than 2,500 people used I*M Guide indicating the growing popularity of the service. Already in November 1998, access was provided to information on more than 4,600 online databases (bibliographic, reference, full-text, multimedia, graphics, sound), more than 5,400 CD-ROMs and CD-I, more than 300 databases on diskette, more than 2,200 information providers, more than 1,100 services offering access to information products, more than 1,100 brokers and four direct links, amongst them other sites of the European Institutions and professional inventories.

The search facilities of I*M Guide for electronic information products,

services, multimedia and organisations were refined. Its automatic indexing system functions with help of a multilingual thesaurus of some 218 descriptors or categories. You may launch your search on all electronic products and services available on the market by using keywords, and explore all categories of products, services and multimedia in either English, German, French, Spanish or Italian. An alternative free-text search function also allows you to find your products, services, multimedia or organisations. This makes I*M-Guide a very user-friendly service, which is updated regularly and free-of-charge. By mid 1999, the links section will also be searchable through keywords and there will be a description for each Website.
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