I*M-EUROPE World Wide Web server conforms to guidelines designed to help easy navigation. The pages include buttons at the top and/or bottom which you can use to move up or across the information hierarchy.

I*M-EUROPE Home Page

Click this icon at any time to go to the main I*M-EUROPE Home Page.

Sections home pages

The I*M-EUROPE server is divided into sections. Each section is subdivided into documents and each document comprises a set of pages. To access the documents and pages held within a particular section just click on its icon or title. I*M-EUROPE currently contains the following sections, each section is accessible from the home page.

HTML documents and pages

Information you can read from your WWW browser

Individual files you access are known as 'pages'. Some may be just a screenful, but others are longer and you have to scroll down to read them.

Many pages form part of a larger 'document' -- our term for collections of pages which can be read sequentially just like the chapters of a paper book or report.

[Document index symbol]

A document which contains more than one page should start with an index. Click this button at any time if you want to return to the start of a document.


These buttons allow you to move backwards or forwards within a document and/or within a section. If you jumped to a page in the middle of a document these buttons will allow you to navigate sequentially through a document or section.

Remember, wherever the standard button bar appears, you can go directly to any higher level in the page hierarchy.

Accessing documents

The I*M News page

 I*M News

I*M-News an online news service bringing you the latest in the EC initiatives on the information market

The What's new page

 What's new?

The What's new page contains a list of the titles of all the documents recently added to the server.To access a document from the what's new page just click on its title.

The News and Announcements page

 News and announcements

By clicking on the news and announcements link from the home page you will be shown a page containing the titles of all the current and future events (conferences, open days, workshops..) organised byDGXIII. On clicking on the title of a given event you will be shown its details in full.

Finding Information on I*M-EUROPE

Using the clickable Index

 I*M-EUROPE main subject headings

Using the I*M-EUROPE search systems (IM-Index)

 I*M-Index Full text searches on I*M-EUROPE.

This tool lets you perform full text searches search for a topic on I*M-EUROPE web server using Verity's search software. It is easy to use - you just fill in a form on screen. You will find more detailed advice about the system when you use it.

Searching other EC webs

 EUROPE-Index: a tool allowing full text searches of EC WWW servers

This button allows you to perform full text searches on EUROPACORDISISPOEUROPARL as well as on I*M-EUROPE web servers. The system uses Verity's indexing and searching software. It is easy to use - you just fill in a form on screen. You will find more detailed advice about the system when you useit.

Using I*M-EUROPE's Conference system

IM-EUROPE offers three open online discussion forums:

The forums are moderated, this means that all the messages received are filtered by the administrators and only those consideredrelevant are released. To post a new message on any forum click on I*M-EUROPE conference system from the home page. Then select the forum you wish to contribute to and click on the new message button.

To reply to a message click on its subject then click on the reply button

 I*M-Mailboxfor your comments and queries!

Clicking on the button allows you to send feedback, queries and comments to the server's developers and administrators. To post a message just fill in the on-screen form.

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