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Table of Contents

Introduction to GI

Metadata Sites

  • European sites
  • American sites
  • Other metadata sites

    Standards concerning GI and GIS

    GI/GIS and Internet

  • Web Mapping
  • Technical Standards
  • VRML
  • Java

    Projects in Europe

    Projects in America

    European GI/GIS Organisations

    Resource lists

  • Introduction to GI

    A GIS Dictionnary

    A GIS Bibliography (maintained by Ohio State University)

    Introduction to GIS by the University of York

    GIS-L FAQ A page which may provides answers to many basic GIS questions

    Accéder à l'information géographique par le web (en français)

    Metadata Sites

    European sites

    SPIDI (Spatial Information Directory) (mostly in Dutch) from GIS-Flanders, Flemish Region of Belgium

    Syndicat français des professionnels de la Géomatique , France

    GDDD, Megrin

    SINES, Ordonance Survey, Great Britain

    CNIG, France

    SNIG, Portugal

    Geographic Information Retrieval, SSC Swedish space corporation

    Nationaal Clearinghouse Geo-Informatie (Idefix Prototype)

    Joint Use of geographic Information MMH (Finland)

    WELL-GIS digital Data Inventory

    The European Space Agency (ESA) Prototype International Directory (PID)

    American sites

    National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

    Master Environmental Library

    USGS node of the National Geospatial Data Clearinghouse

    MassGIS digital orthophoto Project

    NYS Spatial Data

    The Global Change Master Directory

    The NOAA Data set catalog

    National Environmental Data Referral Service

    Global Land Information System

    EOSDIS Version(0) Information Management System (IMS)

    IEEE metadata

    Klamath Meta Data dictionary

    GRASSLinks Metadata (Regis System)

    The CIESIN gateway WWW interface

    CIESIN and NASA Metadata

    Ocean Network Information Center (OCEANIC)

    Advanced Very High Resolution Radiometer (AVHRR)

    Inventory of the American metadata sites

    Other metadata sites

    Bibliography about metadata at access !)

    UNEP Meta-Data directory

    Australia New-Zealand Land Information Council

    The National Development Agency of Japan Directory (NASDADIR) 
    The NASDADIR is one of three coordinating nodes of the International Directory Network (IDN), sponsored by the Committee on Earth Observations Satellites (CEOS). This is a telnet link; users should login as NASDADIR

    The Global Change Network (GCNet) (Canada) 
    GCNet provide access to directory-level metadata for environmental datasets in Canada. It is a cooperating node of the International Directory Network (IDN), sponsored by the Committee on Earth Observations Satellites (CEOS). This is a telnet link; users should login as GCNET

    East African Biodiversity metadatabase from the world conservation Monitoring centre ( WCMC )

    The commitee on Earth Observation satellites International Directory network (CEOS-IDN)

    Standards concerning GI and GIS

    CEN/TC 287 (ftp)


    The FGDC Standard - An image map

    The FGDC on-line metadata discussion

    Spatial Archive and Interchange format (SAIF) Home Page ....for a list of formats and standards for spatial data transfer compiled by the Russian GIS (....broken link) association.

    The Canadian General Standard Board on Geomatics

    The GeoTIFF format specification

    GI/GIS and Internet

    Web Mapping

    "Commercial,off the shelf solutions for GIS-WWW interfacing", Sindre Langaas

    Database Query and Map Generation via the WWW : Online Resources and Examples

    Technical Standards

    Z39.50 messaging system.

    A pointer page about Z39.50 resources

    Z39.50 maintenance agency homepage

    Isite Information System (Free downloadable Integrated Internet publishing software package which includes a text indexer/search system (Isearch) and Z39.50 communication tools to access databases).

    VRML ( Virtual Reality Modelling language-3D)

    VRML and the distributed access to Geospatial Information

    A pointer to interactive VRML enhanced Maps


    A pointer to interactive java enhanced Maps

    Projects in Europe

    For information on some national GI/GIS projects in Europe, see on this site National GIS Projects

    For a list of the many projects funded by EU Institutions, see the site sponsored by DG III on JRC's server

    Projects in America


    Aegis project ( Applied environmental GIS)

    Regis project ( Environmental Planning GIS at U.C Berkeley)

    Sequoia 2000 schema development

    The GIS specialty group of the Association of American Geographers

    The Alexandria Digital library


    Geoweb . Group of researchers studying methods and approaches to making digital information and data more easily accessible

    The Open GIS Consortium

    European GI/GIS Organisations




    Resource lists

    Great GIS net sites - Index

    Oliver Weatherbee's GIS software listing which contains contact information and short overviews of the majority of GIS software currently available.

    WWW Mapping/ Metadata resource list

    University of Waterloo : Well organized resource list

    University of Edinburgh/AGI

    An exhaustive but alphabetical resource list

    Web GIS sites ( compiled by UCBGIS Berkeley)

    University of Iowa (CGRER)

    Japan GIS/Mapping Sciences Resource Guide

    GIS WWW Resource List

    GIS Jobs Opportunities

    Lists :
  • from Osterreich Germany and Austria
  • from the US worldwide
  • from JRC worldwide
  • from UK woldwide

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