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Overall objectives of the activities

This specific action aims to improve the competitiveness of the European information industry by stimulating specific training in the use of new information technologies, multimedia engineering and information law. The implementation of pilot projects will provide the necessary basis to set up large-scale actions by national or Community programmes.

Description of the activities 

In close collaboration with the content industry itself and with representatives from universities, other educational establishments and vocational training organisations, the Commission has launched a series of initiatives aiming at identifying the available courses, best practice and gaps in training availability. The results will provide a clear set of recommendations for the development and implementation of a limited number of pilot courses.
Calls for proposals have been launched for cost-shared projects to develop, carry out and evaluate pilot courses. The evaluation will in particular focus on developing a strategy for how similar actions could be undertaken in the future. Responsibilities for implementation will be proposed between the European Commission, Member States' educational systems and the content industry itself. Equally, attention has been focused on disseminating the results of the research and development actions via the I*M Europe World Wide Web server and the MIDAS network.
The following activities have been carried out so far, some of which are the continuation of actions launched under the IMPACT programme:

  1. Identifying the training courses available and gaps and inadequacies in order to establish an inventory for dissemination and priorities for further action (activity code: FORM-BASE)
  2. Developing a series of continuous training modules for SMEs in the information industry and for training centres established through university-industry collaboration (activity code: FORM-EDI)
  3. European conference on new professional skills in primary schools and in training of trainers (activity code: FORM-SCHOOL)
  4. Awareness tool (CD-ROM & Web pages package) for the development of new professional skills in University (teachers and students) (activity code: FORM-EDUC)
  5. Developing new diploma courses on an experimental basis covering the new professional skills needed in the multimedia content industry (activity code: FORM-AMI)






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